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UXO, why is it out in the open in New York?

While browsing the web I found this power point file that warns children to watch out for UXO.

I thought it was in another country except that I later found a contact phone number with the area code 845

854 is for the west point in New York. So I can only ask why is UXO so carelessly out wide in the open in New York? Is it ironically there from a past war or something?

Checkout the power point - I assure you it has no bugs or nothing.


James... Thanks for clearing it out as to why its there. I'm from California. Any more than you'd know that San Francisco had the world's largest radioactive research lab before.

Yet I still ask. If it's official why is it so care less as to have UXO in areas where children would play or where resistance live to have it found and reported?

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    West Point.

    You don't know what's in West Point?

    If anyone you know is a member of an armed service, they should hit you right about now.

    West Point is the home of the Unites States Military Academy, hench why the URLS all start with, the facilty is also called West Point. It's the facility where the United States Army trains young people who wish to have careers as army officers. and since joining the army tends to involve weapons, there tends to be duds lying around.

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  • Stacey
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    It's a Federal Holiday. With all banks being regulated by the Federal Government, They will be closed on New Years Day. Even in New York.

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  • 10 years ago

    I'd love to check it out but neither of those are good links.

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