How many Confederate state governments had Prez. Lincoln recognized under his plan by the time of his death?

How many Confederate state governments had President Lincoln recognized under his plan by the time of his assassination?

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    The answer is three states had met the criteria President Lincoln set forth in the 10% plan, Louisianna, Tennessee and Arkansas. Congress refused to seat them.

    Former President Lincoln had always claimed that the eleven confederate states had never left the Union. In 1862 he had appointed provisional governors in Louisiana, North Carolina and Tennessee. As early as December 8, 1863, he had already announced a plan of Reconstruction:

    1) Amnesty to all Southerners who would take an oath of loyalty

    2) Recognition of state governments where 10% of the pre-war electorate took the oath and renounced slavery.

    Louisiana, Tennessee and Arkansas took these steps in 1864, but Congress refused to let their representatives sit in the House. President Johnson adopted Lincoln’s plan and recognized the loyal governments in Arkansas, Louisiana, Tennessee and Virginia, which Lincoln had set up. By December of 1865, every Confederate State except Texas had taken the steps. Texas conformed on April 6, 1866 and on December 6, President Johnson announced to Congress that the Union was restored.

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    None. To recognize the Confederate government would have allowed for Britain and France to intervene on the side of the Confederacy in 1861, which considering that the Eastern theater of the war didn't get a decent commander in Meade until 1863, and a good commander in Grant until 1864, would have meant that the South would have won the Civil War with British and French support.

    If you're referring to efforts of Reconstruction, the word you're looking for is "reorganized", and even there, the answer is none. Lincoln was assassinated before reconstruction could really begin. Although when the Reconstruction period ended, the state governments that rejoined the union were pretty much identical to the governments that seceded, but this was under a different president.

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    the ones that free the slaves

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