Are there any Wisconsin Police Departments/Academies where a degree is not required? Or out of State Academy?

Hello. I have recently received my high school diploma and am looking to become a police or probation officer. I am wondering if there is any departments in Wisconsin that do not require college courses or Police Academies (either in or out of WI) that do not require college courses? If they're out of state, do they require prior residency for a certain length in time? I am looking to get into Police work right away and would even be open to starting a position and then having to get my Associates Degree within a certain time frame. I just don't want to have to wait 2 years to get my degree and then start working.

*I am not aged 21 or older until January 2012. It should also be noted that I have no felonies or convictions withholding me from possessing a fire arm on my record, or domestic abuse/dispute misdemeanors.


I am actually positive that you do not have to 21. Mainly because every Police department website I have looked at states at least 18 but that you must also possess 60 college credits or Associate's in CJ. Plus, here and LESB states 18 as well. I also have applied at Madison as it is the only department that currently allows you to be in the process of getting your degree.

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    You must have an associates degree for almost every law enforcement agency to be certified in the state of Wisconsin.

    The one exception I find is Milwaukee PD, which only requires a high school diploma or GED, but they still require you to be at least 21. As the largest city in the state, I suspect they are able to waive to college requirement due to recruitment concerns.

    Madison allows you to join without a degree, but you must obtain one within 5 years.

    Wisconsin will recognize an associates degree from any accredited school, but your certification must be taken in Wisconsin. This is currently 520 hours and is offered by many technical colleges in the state, along with a few larger departments such as Madison PD, Milwaukee PD and the WI State Patrol.

    Source(s): Wisconsin law enforcement since 1991
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    It will probably be very difficult for you to get hired with any police department until you are at least 21. You really should try to be patient. Have you thought about joining the military. You could try to become an MP or the like. You can usually take college courses while in the military. You should think about getting a 4 year degree instead of a 2 year degree. Getting police jobs is becoming more and more competitive, and many of the police departments that do not require applicants to have a college degree, prefer them to. Best of luck!

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    In Wisconsin you are hired by a department first, then sent to an academy.

    The state does not require anything above a HS or GED.

    Milwaukee is hiring and they only require and HS.

    You have to be 21 in Wisconsin and all surrounding states. If you get 60 semester hours of college in your chances of being hired with all other factors the same goes up 150% at least.

    If you are that impatient I would suggest a different career than police work.

    Just your background check can take 6 months and 95% of police work is boring.

    Source(s): retired cop, M.Sci-LEA
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