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Retirement in USA Pacific Northwest; Oregon or Washington?

Which would you recommend for an old-hippie/artist to consider spending retirement, and why?

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    Many small towns in Oregon's coast range and along the coast are low-key, laid-back hippie havens. Some are mentioned at http://www.hippy.com/php/review-87.html Also, many Willamette Valley communities, including Portland and Eugene have thriving throngs of artistic hippies. Ashland too: http://www.hippy.com/php/review-88.html Several other distinctly Oregon hippie communities are at http://www.hippy.com/php/search.php?&type=reviews&... A week long trip along US 101 from Astoria down to Yachats or further is sure to reveal several that you like. I remember quite a few farm/art studios a few miles north of Lincoln City.

    There isn't as much published for Washington, but there is an arc of communities from Vashon Island (across from Seattle) to Port Townsend to the San Juan Islands, especially Orcas to Bellingham listed at http://www.hippy.com/php/search.php?&type=reviews&... (The arc continues onto Vancouver Island and across southern BC.)

    The advantages and disadvantages of each state are simple:

    * Oregon has an income tax and higher property taxes than Washington.

    * Washington has a damn sales tax, corrupt state government, and idiotic traffic engineers which apparently intend to prevent traffic flow.

    Other than that, the specifics of who lives where and how you react to the personalities present have more to say about where you should live than any generalization of a community.

    Source(s): decades of living in the Pacific Northwet
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    I am more familiar with Oregon. It is less expensive, it has less rain and snow, no sales tax, higher property tax and it has more tiny rural communities than Washington without going to the Eastern conservative part of the state.There is Ashland of course and Eugene which are liberal. Some of the smaller towns might not be conducive to hippies like Central Point and Roseburg but Corvallis is ok, Gaston and Forest Grove, within an hour of Portland. Forget about Medford, redneck territory. There are the coastal places like Astoria, Seaside and Cannon Beach.

    You should check and see where the Rashneesh used to be. Ken Kesey is no longer with us either.

    thats all I know. i am in california and have spent some time in Oregon

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    Lots of people move to Washington where there is no Income Tax, but a sales tax. They live along the Oregon border where their is not Sales Tax, but the highest income taxes in the nation.

    They live in Washington and Shop in Oregon to avoid paying taxes.

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    One important consideration is that Oregon has the highest state income tax rates for low and middle incomes in the entire United States.

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    Look up the Long Beach Peninsula here in southwest Washington. http://www.funbeach.com

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    No, but I live close to British Columbia if that counts. Only a 14 hour drive to Victoria from where I live. :P

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