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What are new Era hats?

Because some ppl are figting in my school whether this girls hat isd real or not ....

How can a hat be real or fake?


is there a story behind this?

How much does real cost?



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    new era hats are quite possibly the sexiest head wear a person can put on their head. you can tell it's real by the 59 FIFTY gold sticker on the peak. you're meant to leave it on, if she's taking it off she's a dumb ***** and you'll never know if it's real or not and it takes tons of value from it, therefore it's not real. but if it does have the sticker, it will have costed her about £30/$50 from the shop or website. if it's fake the price will vary and like i said it won't have the 59 FIFTY sticker on it :)

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    new era is a company that makes hats, the onlly way is to look under the hat for the new era label

    not story they just make real good hats

    a fitted hat will cost about $40, regualr hats will cost between $16-$40 for prices

    EDIT: leaving the sticker is very stupid yes I said it, if your meant to leave it on why wont they just saw on a patch instead. only retarded people and rappers leave the sticker on

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