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How do i become a famour country singer?

I'm 14. and all i've wanted to do since i was five is be a country singer. I play the guitar, write my own songs.. and have won many local competitions but it's not enough :( is there ay thing i can do to acheive my dream ??

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    YOU don't. People only get famous by appealing to lots of people. I'll be honest with you: your attitude is setting you up for failure. Chet Atkins never wanted to be famous, he wanted to be a musician -- he said he would've paid people to sit and listen to him. Music takes too much dedication and devotion to approach it simply as a way of becoming famous. If fame is your goal, go into acting.

    The rules:

    1. Read about the music industry. That might cure you of wanting to be famous. It is NOT about your music anymore the way it was in the 50s, 60s, and 70s. It's about image, looks, your video, and persona -- with music way down the list. That's precisely how people with little to no actual talent have become superstars over the past 15 years. YOUR music isn't what matters, it's what the producer and the record company executives think will sell. They spend millions of dollars researching what people like, and -- especially in this economy -- they aren't going to do anything but play it safe.

    Also remember that famous people don't have a "private life." You may be too young to remember, but there was a very famous person named Lady Diana, and she was literally killed by people wanting to pry into her "private life."

    2. Stay where you are and develop a following. Winning a contest is well and good, but will someone pay $5 to come hear you sing in a club on the weekend? When you send query letters out, it'll look much better if you can say, "I've played at X club for three years and sell out regularly" than if you just say, "I want to be famous." You and everybody else. You can't drive in Nashville without nearly hitting some jaywalker who wants to be famous.

    3. This is critical: if you want to be called a "country singer" then SING COUNTRY MUSIC. Do ***NOT*** sing pop and call it country. That is getting very old and it'll be gone soon. If you're going to be a country singer, then study the history of the genre. You should be able to do a Patsy Cline song or a Hank Williams song at the drop of a hat.

    4. Also on that subject, do NOT try to be "another" (whomever). Trends in music (all of entertainment, actually, but it's especially true in music) change faster than some people change socks. The notion that you waltz into Nashville, get signed, and three weeks after you arrive have a #1 song is just movie fiction (and BAD movie fiction at that!). On average, it takes from 12-36 months for some "discovery" to get signed, recorded, and presented to the world. That is an eternity in a quick-turnaround industry, so if you're trying to sound like T*lor Sw*ft or K*nny Ch*sney by the time you get discovered they'll be has-beens. (Case in point: where are these people who had #1 songs just ten years ago: Chad Brock, Lee Ann Womack, Billy Dean, Dixie Chicks, Aaron Tippin, or Phil Vassar? Answer: NOT on the charts!) Don't be "the next" whomever, be yourself.

    5. Be ready for rejection. Remember that Elvis was told to go back to driving trucks, Chet Atkins was run out of Nashville three times, and every record label in England turned the Beatles down.

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    there are so many ways i can help you because my sister is sixteen plays guitar writes songs and has been doing so since she was 12. first of all, those local competitions help! I don't know if you've ever done colgate country showdown, but it's a competition that keeps going on and on, and the winner get 100,000 dollars!

    Second, you need a myspace just for your music. you can get this thing called a zoom or a loop station to record your songs, but it's not your final recording, it's like a rough draft. anyway you can post your songs on your myspace for music, and then you want to send friends requests to EVERYBODY. bot just people you know, everyone.

    third, post on youtube. sooo many people have gotten famous over youtube, like justin bieber for one, and owl city. try to type in something simple so that your video will come up with most things.

    Try to play places. go around to restaurants ecspecially, CVB offices, anywhere you can think of and give them some kind of copy of your music. that rough draft will work.

    Fifth, you need a cd. You can go to a recording studio just to get a cd, even if your not signed. my sister has someone here in WV she goes to to record, and then someone in nashville also. The guy in nashville charges i think $500 per song, but i can't be sure. a cd is handy to give out when your playing anywhere, ecspecially if it's out of town.

    i wish you the best of luck at becoming a star, and i would love it if you could reply back to this or send me a cd.

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    Absolutely, it is. There are a lot of regions in Canada in general and Alberta in particular where there is a "country" lifestyle. Small towns, blue-collar lifestyle, family values and that sort of thing. Shania Twain, Terri Clark, Emerson Drive, and others are all Canadian country singers. Emerson Drive is from Alberta, Terri Clarke is from Montréal, and Shania Twain is from Windsor, Ontario. There's a Canadian Country Music Association and even a Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame.

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    I would set up some websites, and especially a youtube. Send your youtube clips in to shows like Ellen, Bonnie Hunt, Tyra, and so on and try and expose yourself. Also try and call local radio stations and see if they would play your music if you record a demo. Simple things like that. And I agree with the other answer, don't TRY and be famous, try and be a musician, the better your music the better your chances of fame. Focus.

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    Well, if you want people to respect you, I would learn to spell and capitalize properly.

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    lots of practice and drive and determination

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