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Why Adolf Hitler hated jews so much? (Did Jews do anything to cause this?)?

I always thought one can't hate for no reason. What caused Hitler to hate Jews so much?

Please try to give brief and precise answers otherwise reading can get boring.

Even though I am not knowledgeable about Jewish people I had the impression they always put Jews above anyone else to a point that it seems they have no respect for others and I thought it might have caused this. Also that Jews are the type that would do anything to gain power and money. (this is just the impression and it might be far from the truth)

What do you know or think on this matter?

Thank You for taking the time to answer.

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    This is the 6 million-dollar question, there is no easy answer, and you may have to read more than a paragraph to find a useful answer. True knowledge does not come easy. I have been studying the Third Reich and the two wars book-ending it my entire adult life (I’m in my 50’s). I have read almost everything there is to read on this subject but have been unable to discover any single cause. There isn't one. In the real world, if you are looking for a good reason for it, you will not find it. Evil such as Hitler's is inexplicable.

    First, one can dismiss Hitler’s own explanations for his anti-Semitism. He spent countless hours speaking ill of the Jews in public and offering one spurious ‘reason’ after another. Drawn from the traditional anti-Semitic literature, Hitler’s Jew hating rhetoric boiled down to an accusation that they were an infection of the human race responsible for every evil there ever was. His books—two volumes of Mein Kampf and an unpublished third volume—are more of the same and not to be taken seriously as a causitory rationale.

    There is, however, one understandable reason why he was an anti-Semite: It was good politics in the Germany of Hitler's day. As a young man, Hitler had watched with admiration as certain politicians utilized the Jews for political gain and expertly adopted the technique to further his own political career. Jews made up less than 1% of the German population but being the over-achievers that they are, they had succeeded in dominating certain fields, particularly scientific research--the majority of German Nobel winners were Jewish--finance, literature, and the arts. This high profile for a very small minority, reinforced by the traditional religious antipathy toward the Jews and spurious popular myths, made them a perfect scapegoat for all of Germany's problems. Thus, Hitler’s anti-Semitism had a practical benefit for Hitler the politician and was basically pragmatic.

    The above is the only reasonable explanation for Hitler’s anti-Semitism. His Hate is far more difficult to explain. However, volumes upon volumes have been written in an attempt to explain it, and while some of them raise interesting points and are thoughtful and sincere, most do more to illustrate the prejudices and agenda’s of their authors than provide any light on the subject. A few of the major ‘explanations’:

    1. Hitler was Jewish himself. While there is some ambiguity in Hitler’s family tree—his father’s father is unknown—there is absolutely no evidence whatsoever to indicate Hitler had any Jewish blood. It is extremely improbable that he was Jewish due to the simple fact that Jews were forbidden from living in or visiting the region where Hitler’s grandmother lived. Those who insist that he was a Jew are merely attempting to blame the Holocaust on the Jews themselves, thereby absolving the Germans from their guilt. It is a lie and those who push this lie should be vilified or ignored.

    2. There are those who claim that Hitler was not quite normal, thereby absolving us ‘normal’ humans from guilt. Among these are that Hitler was homosexual, lacked the proper number of testicles, was infected with syphilis, etc.. Again, none of these explanations are accompanied by any proof and are all easily dismissed by contrary evidence. This does not stop people from repeating them, however. Again, such illogical and spurious explanation should be dismissed and ignored. Proof is essential and the millions of dead deserve no less than solid evidence.

    To reiterate, Hate is an emotion, and as such cannot be completely explained and doesn’t follow the rules of logic. Therefore, your question is an eternal one with no completely satisfactory answer. Many simply repeat easy answers—“Hitler was a demon” or “Hitler was Crazy”—and give the question no thought whatsoever. If you think you have found "The Answer," it is probably wrong.


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    Well, no one knows exactly what made him switch on them so badly but here are some points:

    His father beat him a lot when he was a kid and it was known in his family his father could have been half jewish. Since his grandmother worked for a jewish family then just happened to fall pregnant, never naming the father.And because of this possibility of his father having jewish blood, the same man that abused him, could have started some dislike.Plus apparently his father was veryantisemiticc himself and could have influenced Hitler.

    Another is at the time in europe, for centuries,antisemitismm was high and expressedsociallyy.

    Another COULD be that when he aspired to become a painter, the people that turned him down where jews which lead to being homeless.

    Another is that jews where usually wealthy and so other austrians/germans (not all) gotenvy edd them.

    Another is that a man who signedd the treaty of Versailles's a jew, the treaty was a hard blow for germany and austrians who felt strongly about their neighbours such as Hitler-caused more hatred.

    But what made actually him tick to the point of the holocaust will never really be known.We can only guess among these known points.

    Hope that helps

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    There is no doubt that Hitler hated Jews, but there is NO record of Mel Gibson hating Jews, nor is ther any record that I am aware of that any other Catholic person hates the Jews. The Roman Catholic Church, for the record, does teach that Catholics, and all Christians should love, and support the Jewish people and nation. You serem to be the only one trying to convince others that aRoman Catholics "hate the Jews," xo you probably should cease that activity. And, for the record, I am NOT a Catholic. In truth, I am against a lot of things the Catholic Church teaches and does. But, in this instance, you are WRONG! Go in peace. And, always remember: -- Jesus loves you!! Sincerely, Uncle Floyd Be blessed! JESUS ISLORD!!

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    At the time of World War 2 there had been anti-Jewish prejudice of varying degrees of intensity in many parts of Europe and elsewhere for a long time. A distinctive feature of Hitler's antisemitism was that it was formulated as conspiracy theory. For many, especially in Bavaria, this went hand in hand with the 'stab-in-the-back' theory, that is, with the view that Germany had not been defeated on the battlefield in World War 1 but had been brought down by liberal, socialist and Communist subversives on the home front. In other words it was claimed that 'the Jews had caused Germany's defeat in World War 1'. Potentially, this made antisemitism explosive in Germany. In much of Europe it was assumed that Jews were Communists.

    Another cause of Hitler's hatred towards Jews was the Darwinian biology of the time. There was a growing sense that there were those in society who were 'biologically' inferior and that for a 'fit' world to survive and thrive, those who were 'unfit' should be done away with. Instead of letting nature take its course, there was a unspoken sense that humans could take matters into their own hands. I am obviously not supporting this twisted logic, but that is a key to understanding how a number of things converged to create the nightmare of the century.

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    At the time Jews were hated across Europe and USA. In the USA in 1936 54% of the Americans thought that Jews should be deported and 91% said that Jews are "different". Probably because they lived 2000 years in Europe but they didn't integrated in the European society. Now we learn that Hitler massacred the Jews when in reality when he did this no one was really interested. The Allies knew where those train gone but no one destroyed the lines, In the occupied territories French and British authorities helped the nazis to deport Jews (in occupied France and in the occupied British territories). But after the war and the start of the cold war the Allies wanted to justify they actions in WW2, so..... the rest is marketing.

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    simple opinionated answer:

    Before world war 1, when hitler was just a teenager, many jews were being threatened and pushed out of USSR (present day poland) and they migrated to germany and the u.s and a couple other places. Being very poor area like many places in the world, many people resented the jewish people there because they took many jobs, and hence people, including hitler, came to despise the jews and concentrated most of their problems to be caused by the jews.

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      That can not be right. Poland wouldn't ever do such thing. Even if Poland did, it would have been recorded in history.

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    The Jews were a convenient scapegoat - a few Jews had become very wealthy and were thus the target of envy in the Germay of that time, which was much put down in the treaties after WW1 . There is also the residual thing in Christian-based Europe of Jews being the Christ killers. Over the centuries Jews have been the subject of persecution and expulsion and mass-murder in parts of Europe.

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    One theory (or rumor) could have been that when he was younger, a Jewish doctor in Germany killed his mother in the hospital. He was engulfed in fury and hatred towards all Jews. This led him to believe Jewish people caused all the worlds problems. I do not know if this is true but I have heard about this theory.

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    He hated jews because he assumed that all jews were lieing and cheapskate and its their fault why they are in such recession, mainly because it was WW1 what truly made Germany poor. He felt that someone needed to take the blame, for in life dont we all wish to blame someone else even if it clearly your fault, I know I have but afterall were only human, it is in our nature to be envy or to hate.

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    i dont know why he hate jewish people and moreover he hate children too evil hitler

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