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Anonymous asked in 家庭及人際關係其他 - 家庭及人際關係 · 1 decade ago

Why no friends?

I try to be nice to everybody in school. I helped whoever needs help. I care and talk to whoever feels sad or unhappy. People always told me I am a very good person. But why, all the girls still keep bullying me, and when I need help or somebody to talk to, people just walk away and told me they dont care about me. I am 14, and overweight. Is that the reason I have no friends? that they are all judging me by looks?

P.S. I am studying in a girl school...;S

...sorry for my bad grammar because my computer doesnt allowed me to type chinese.

And what I should I do if i want to have friends?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Well, it is my first time that I can read your writing in English........^^Nice to talk to you again!

    Do you know anything about their mindset?Most of them don't care about your

    kindness, genorousness, sincereness,and so on. This miserable situation

    seem to happen through your visage. If I were you, I would let them precipitated

    into the assassination of personal discrimination such as, sabotaging them at

    night while they are sleeping or stabbing at anyone you hate with knife during

    lunchtime. And also, you can steal their stationary as your gift, or smite them

    by your power. You don't have to make friends with them because they will

    never care about your way of thinking.They just enjoy to play

    tricks on you or abuse you. Incidentally, they don't only tease about your body, but they may also tease your talent.

    Besides,do you have talents on sports, studying, or playing music? The reason that why they want to get away from you because you don"t have talents on

    anything. Contriving studying hard or playing sports might change their bad

    attitude to treating you with respect.Have you ever told your teachers that

    your classmates still bullying you? If you teacher don't do anything to

    your circumstance, you should complain to you parents about being bullied by

    your classmates.Supposing that your parents don't care about that either,you

    just have to do exactly what I said in the first paragraph.

    Let these unhappiness situation turn into your power.You may don't feel

    comfortable about that, but that situation can help you to grow up! It is because

    you will not only encounter these types of people, but you will also confront

    some people who always try to injure your image!You just have to get over


  • 1 decade ago

    Although i'm not the girls i want try to help you, someone say you can play with someone you're nice, that is good idea for you.

    And my idea is just thing about why did no one play with you? "Fat Girl" is not the big problem, maybe you can ask someone why did they don't play with you.

    I think you can have some idea from them.

  • 1 decade ago

    i dont get it, if they even bother to tell u ur a good person then y would they bully u? if theres someone else bullying u, then be friends with those who said ur nice. and i dont think being overweight keeps u from making friends, i studied in a girl school as well, and i know lots of girls tht are overweight and have lots of friends.. and to be honest, i think it should be less of a problem than in a mix school. if u really think its a problem, try to be friends with other girls like u, u cant be the only one overweight in tht whole school.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    you should be thin no one like a fat girl .

    i am a P.5 student but i just have 34kg .

    everyone asked me to eat more food

    i am a girl too!!!!

    i like people said i am very thin !

    but not people said "you a very fat"

    remember one thing

    you can't be a loster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    you mut be the winner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    do your best!!!~!~!!~~!~!~!~

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  • 1 decade ago

    If you want to have friends , you should be more friendly,People told you that u a very good person but why all the girls still keep bullying you?there have a problem.What mean the people?(I mean who,,girls?friends?)I think it's overweigh make you haven't any friends...because most of the HongKong girls is not like fat ''

    我後尾先知你打到中文= ="



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