i am a little scared..about hpv my best friend has it and is it dangerous?

my best friend got an abnormal pap-smear and also came HPV positive..she is only been with one guy..does this mean he has it...i have been doing a lot of research about this to help my friend and it says it can only be transmitted sexually??? can some one give me an idea...the guy believes he is clean?? can some one tell me something??? my friend is devastated and so am i since she is a friend from childhood..thanks


no me and my friend are already pass 30's...i have also asked my doctor about it , since i have been reading and its very confusing...doctors say that its only trough sex., but i have read lots of different things that is very confusing...me and my friend are like sisters, so i am sure she is only been with that guy...he is a very nice guy..and well who knows...

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    If your girl friends Pap test found abnormal cell changes and the HPV test was positive then she has high risk Genital HPV types. Genital HPV can be acquired from your first sex partner.

    Genital HPV types are most commonly transmitted during vaginal and anal sex and it can be transmitted through hand to genital sex and through oral sex. I am not sure of what other ways the virus can be acquired. It is most often a sexually transmitted infection. They are 40 genital HPV types.

    Most people with the virus have no signs or symptoms. A man can have high risk HPV types the HPV types that cause abnormal cell changes and never have any lesions or warts in his genital area. There is no FDA HPV approved test for the male. A male is commonly diagnosed by actual external visible warts….no wants doesn’t mean you don’t have the virus…it is not seen but it doesn’t mean it isn’t there…. and there is no FDA Approved DNA HPV test of the genital area for the male. HPV is not included in any STI screen. Many men and women don’t know they carry an HPV type. Many men and women with the virus never show any signs such as a wart or as abnormal cell changes of the cervix.

    It is scary and is a frustrating virus. 50% of the populations carry and HPV type. Most never knowing they carry it. They are 40 genital HPV types some of these HPV types cause visible warts and some of them cause abnormal cell changes of the cervix. In most women with low grade cell changes the virus will regress in a year or two. The body building immunity to the acquired HPV type. Once this immune is built the body remembers it and can’t get it again….but if the body’s immune system weakens the virus may re-occur many years after the initial infection was acquired.

    If you friend in under 26 she may want to ask the doctor about getting the vaccine. The 2 vaccines are preventative vaccines. Gardasil prevents 6, 11, 16 and 18 Cervarix prevents 16 and 18. The vaccines can’t prevent an HPV infection that you already have but with only one sex partner she may not have acquired all HPV types the vaccine prevents. She will still receive some benefits.

    If the virus is low grade the doctor may want to wait and see if her body’s immune system is going to fight the virus. After a year or so if the virus has not regressed then the doctor may recommend a treatment. Treatments remove the abnormal cell changes they can’t remove the virus.

    Your friend may want to start using condoms. Condoms don't prevent transmission of the virus but condoms do help in the regress of the virus for both the male and female, condoms also aid in the healing of the cervix and condoms reduce the viral load to the cervix. Condoms are not forever. The virus doesn't ping pong back and forth between committed couples after immunity is acquired. Most studies show that immunity takes one to two years.

    Understanding cervical cell changes


    Human Papillomaviruses and Cancer: Questions and Answers


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    Rachel L Winer, Qinghua Feng, James P Hughes, Sandra O'Reilly, Nancy B Kiviat, Laura A Koutsky

    To quantify the risk of human papillomavirus (HPV) acquisition associated with a first male sex partner and to identify associated risk factors, we analyzed data from women who were enrolled before or within 3 months of first intercourse with a male partner and were censored at the report of a second partner. The 1-year cumulative incidence of first HPV infection was 28.5%(95% confidence interval, 20.6%-38.6%) and increased to almost 50% by 3 years. The risk was increased when the first male partner was sexually experienced. Our results indicate a high risk of HPV infection in young women who have had just 1 male sex partner.

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    Whether an immune mediated regression clears that HPV type from the body completely, or just suppresses it to the point where it is not likely to be contagious nor cause HPV-induced disease in the future is not known for sure.


    The gradual development of

    an effective immune response

    is thought to be the likely

    mechanism for HPV DNA

    clearance.4 However, it is also

    possible that the virus remains in

    a non-detectable dormant state

    and then reactivates many years

    later. This may explain why HPV

    may be newly detected in some older women who have been in a

    long-term mutually monogamous



    Good luck to you all.

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    sounds like you are young. most girls who are young and healthy will "clear" the virus causing the abnormal pap smear... This means in a couple years her pap smears maybe normal... All of this just means she needs to continue to get pap smears regularly because HPV causes cervical cancer. HPV is connected to other cancers as well not as clearly as cervical cancer... It is also connected to genital warts which are nothing to worry about. The warts do not cause cancer but are ugly and painful/annoying to remove. There are hundreds of strains and honestly there is no avoiding it. The virus goes through condoms. Yes he probably had HPV or she isnt telling you about the other guys.

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