i have a 3 in 1 epson nx 100 series and how do i make it print in color?

ive pushed the color text button and color photo button but nothing works..,. i cant find my manuel book either... my cartridges are full of color ink but i still cant get it to work

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    1 decade ago
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    Did you check under the printer settings? There is a settting for black only. This is a cheaply designed printer and has a number of flaws. One of them is that sometimes once it is set to black you cant get it back to color. It also seems to clog way too often.

    Try printing a nozzle check. If the colors dont come out then:

    1) you forgot to take the yellow tape off the top of the cartridges or

    2) the color heads are clogged

    For more info you can visit http://ccs-digital.com/Epson-ink-cartridge-problem...

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