Cook County Sheriff - Deputy Sheriff/Correctional Officer Question...?

I recently took the Chicagoland Cook County Sheriff written and POWER test; passed both of them. I just recieved a letter in the mail that states the actual date of an initial interview where I will also be picking up a questionaire, information packet and instruction sheet. This letter also states that this process is for either Deputy Sheriff with the Cook County Sheriff or Correctional Officer with the Cook County Department of Corrections.

I am confused about these two positions. I know what a Correctional Officer is but what is a Deputy Sheriff and under either of those titles, what jobs can you be assigned in Cook County? If you have experience, is it hard? Do you like the job? Do you view it as a career? What are the pros and cons? Is it easy to cross over to Sheriff Police Officer? How is the academy? How long is the academy? And last but ceryainly not least, how is the interview and rest of the hiring process?

Any information would be gradly appreciated. My dream is to become a Chicago Police Officer but I think I'd enjoy serving with Cook County Sheriff as well until that time comes. Thanks for your assistance. I am completely new to all of this so anything will be of great support and assistance. God Bless!

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    any of them, yes, bad hours, bad pay, good perks

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