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Smart, creative people here's a good question for you all.?

Hi so I'm pretty much finished with making up my characters but so here's where you guys come in handy. I'm going to put a list of my character's names. Your going to just look at those names and imagine what my characters are like appearance/personality whatever comes to mind.

1. Elisabeth Hope

2. Jason Hope

3. Alice Hope

4. Melody Rosabelle

5. Matthew Haven

6. Jake Solstice

7. Victoria Ivy

8. Olivia Winters

9. Daniel Omen

10.Sophia Williams

11. Nia Edge

12. Logan Snow

13. Julia Chronicle

I just want to see what you guys see my characters as so I can match up your description to my description. Whoever gets the closest gets 10 points I may do this again but with different characters.

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    You answered one of my questions like this. THey are fun aren't they? Let's see what I can do here.

    1. Elisabeth seems like that normal teenage girl, she's very nice. She has a good personality and is never mean. She's smart, not really shy...but to some people she would rather stay back. She is somewhat short -- little in weight - and she has very good looks.

    2. It seems like Elisabeth's father, maybe brother. He is easy to get along with but can be somewhat harsh at moments. He loves to spend time with friends but when time to work comes -- he knows the job.

    3. I think a sister to Elisabeth, not that friendly. Kind of has a harsh personality, but at certain moments she is a loving member of the family. She is a smart and clever individual that's waiting for her time to come out and shine. Her looks are decent, not really the prettiest girl.

    4. She seems like either a popular cheerleader, that thinks she is all that. Or, a councilor or adult, that everyone can trust. If the cheerleader, she's pretty mean -- teasing people. Thinks she has everyone below her, but something changes her later on. If the adult, then she is a good listener and everyone seems to like her because her very good qualities. But she has to be careful of her acts with the people she listens to sometimes.

    5. Matthew seems like that jock player. Everybody loves him and most of the guys envy him. THe girls drool. He acts like he can get whatever he wants when he wants it. His looks are pretty good...maybe the best. But he isn't liked by everybody.

    6. Jake seems like the outcast. He sticks with the outside group and doesn't care what people say about him. His looks are pretty charming, and he is a good friend if you get to know him. His personality is somewhat sweet, but has that fire side to him -- over protective of one of the girls he gets close to.

    7. She seems like the goth girl. Or maybe, the pretty known person through out the school or where ever. But she doesn't want to be popular or stuck-up instead she wants to be normal and have fun life. She doesn't care about about people and their rumors, she knows the truth and isn't afraid to tell it to your face.

    8. She seems like the beautiful, inside and out cheerleader or sports girl. Athletic, and makes everybody smile and turn heads.

    9. Seems like Daniel is the nerd guy. Has a pretty high IQ, and is annoyingly smart. His looks are nothing, he is willing to help whoever though. He is a really caring person. He has the freckles and red hair, maybe brown. Reading glasses but dresses normal.

    10. She seems like a country living - prep. Not prep in a bad way, but has a really bubbly personality and always has a smile on her face. Straight/ silky/ long brown hair that is her main charmer. Piercing blue eyes.

    11. I'm not really sure if that's a guy or girl. If it's a girl, she seems like the total outcast person of her school/ neighborhood. Has a rough up-bringing. Doesn't have that luxurious life, she knows that the smallest things mean a lot. Her looks aren't everything to her, but she is a little pretty. WHen she gets mad she doesn't put up with much though.

    12. A skater/ clown dude. He does whatever and has that mean style. But is pretty caring but doesn't show, loves strikes him and shows him that he needs to change. He loves to skateboard and joke around.

    13. She seems like the adult, who is strict but in a good way. Slender and everybody loves her unless he is going overboard with the strictness -- but that doesn't happen a lot.

    I know these are fun, I had fun doing this!!

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    Elisabeth Hope - A motherly figure who loves to bake and make people happy. She had fiery hair and is a bit plump

    Jason Hope - The reckless son of hers who is studying engineering. He has dyed black hair and quite skinny

    Alice Hope - Jason's little sister who has fiery hair like her mother's and she is quite tomboyish. He mother doesn't like this as she wanted a girly daughter

    Melody Rosabelle - A 30 something black woman that loves art, music and literature

    Matthew Haven - A gay blond man who is a party animal that fancies Jason

    Jake Solstice - Matthew's boyfriend who's relationship is on the rocks, Jake loves musicals

    Victoria Ivy - A bitchy and bitter woman that lives on her own with her cat, Morris

    Olivia Winters - A curvy, brunette nurse that has a dark past of family feuds and murders

    Daniel Omen - The old man at the end of the road that sits at his window all day long

    Sophia Williams - The Japanese cheerleader at school who was adopted by Gregg and Norma Williams, she is sexually abused by Gregg but tells no-one

    Nia Edge - Melody's wheelchair-bound cousin who owns a bookstore

    Logan Snow - A tall, dark and handsome man that has the ladies in a tizz, although he doesnt treat his women well

    Julia Chronicle - A middle aged blonde that is a journalist for the local newspaper who has a husband with Alzheimer's

    I know these will be nothing like your descriptions but still it was fun...!

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    Sounds fun! I'll try:

    1. Elisabeth Hope

    -- Rebellious and free-spirited, but raised on good morals that stick strong. Has curly, shoulder-length hair, or maybe she despises curly hair all together and shuns female ditzes?

    2. Jason Hope

    --Similarly rebellious, but life experiences block him from seeing everything the same as Elisabeth. Also, Elisabeth's older brother? Short, dark brown hair and a large nose?

    3. Alice Hope

    --Elisabeth's more "Feminine," older sister -- about the same age as Jason? And Elisabeth might disagree with her on most things, while Jason accepts her (Alice) warmly. Blond(e)!

    4. Melody Rosabelle

    --Extremely energetic and outgoing. Very talkative. Melody's always the listener when she has to be, and she can be the shoulder to cry on, but for the most part she's a high-energy gossiping type.

    5. Matthew Haven

    --Mathew remains fairly mysterious, I picture. He seems to have some extreme goals of some sort, and he's one of the most important characters to the plot?

    6. Jake Solstice

    --Another important character to the plot, just guessing by the name, but his appearance is made earlier than Mathew's. Jake seems like someone who would be Elisabeth's friend, and Jason may not like him very much. That's assuming I'm right in thinking Elisabeth might be the main character.

    7. Victoria Ivy

    --The "slut" -- don't mind me saying so if it's completely untrue. I'm going by gut feeling! Then again, she could be the type to be very in-tune with the cycles of life. Also, out of all of them, this one strikes me as the type that would have a sort of special power, or a crucial ability that the main characters basically have to beg out of her. Victoria is also the type to "always be right?"

    8. Olivia Winters

    --Rude, blunt, straight forward, brash, and inconsiderate. Sandy brown hair -- or, even better, black, and maybe it's short, too. That's the feeling I get for this one. She probably has some sort of connection to Logan and/or Jake, or maybe she's just familiar with Logan's name and has heard of him before.

    9. Daniel Omen

    --The dreary type. Daniel likes to help people, but ends up coming across as gloomy or negative? Daniel doesn't strike me as the type to have many friends... but seems nice enough.

    10.Sophia Williams

    --Sophia... my best guess would be to place Sophia as someone with a set path she can't stray from. Also, she tends to "walk her path alone." Sophia may have come from a family of several normal people, and she probably has special abilities (powers or skills) that might or might not get her into trouble frequently, even though she uses them to help her get out of trouble. If Sophia's the withheld type, especially because of the path she's on, she might lighten up pretty soon after meeting the main character(s).

    11. Nia Edge

    --Very cool name, but I can't get a great picture with her (her, right?). Is she a thrill seeker? An adventurer? Maybe she's a business woman, and she leads an enormous company as the head figure. Or, could it be that she works behind the scenes and pulls all of the strings? I get a picture either of her literally on the "edge" of a mountain, or on the brink of a major breakthrough in technology or success (which would relate to the business idea).

    12. Logan Snow

    --Logan, who I said previously might be related to or known by Olivia, is probably one of the nicest guys in the story. Hmmm? Even with his name dealing with snow, he doesn't seem cold. Or, at least he doesn't seem heartless. Maybe he comes off as a little bit cold at first, but I bet he's sincere. Also, the idea of a gambler or party-type came to mind, or even the one character who's always good for a laugh.

    13. Julia Chronicle

    --For this one, the only thing that came to mind was "writer."

    Hope I did good! If not, I hope my guesses were at least entertaining. :) Cool names, by the way!

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    1. Normal girl, smart attitude, won't take ****, Blonde, brown eyes with orange flecks.

    2. Chubby, brown hair, thick eyebrows, muscular legs, track team, not good at school, fiery, always has a comeback, protective

    3. short haired blonde, blue eyes, mean, a snoot, thinks she is better, selfish, likes a nerd

    4. Red head, average, always has a comback

    5. athletic build, cocky

    6. lean, loner

    7.loner, black hair, ballerina

    8. Brown hair, blue eyes, small, short, shy, quiet, innocent, magnetic

    9.a mean guy, selfish, perfect for 3

    10. Smart, poor, brown hair, short, odd purple/blue eyes, shy

    11. Black, attitude, protective

    12. Blonde, athletic, wants to be a proffesor

    13. Acts like an adult, pretty red hair, brown eyes

    That took forever!

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    1. 17 years old, wavy brown shoulder length hair. Muscular calves. Picture her wearing a white tank with jeans. She's a bit of a tomboy, sarcastic, very smart.

    2. 15 years old, younger brother, tall, shaggy brown hair, trying to find himself in the world

    3. 13, entering teenage years, blonde hair, petite, wears a lot of makeup and really high shoes, wants to be like older sister, yet she hates her.

    4. Red hair and green eyes, curiously beautiful, smart, funny.

    5. 18, brown hair, tall, kinda lanky, likes vintage music, wears geeky glasses.

    6. blonde blonde blonde hair, tall, buff, aloof.

    7. tall and blonde, brown eyes, typical beauty, wears a lot of makeup, thinks shes all that

    8. is caught between herself and being cool, short black hair, pale skin.

    9. long shaggy black hair, 'emo', very quiet, stares at people a lot

    10. a quite girl, plain, long brown hair, brown eyes, very kind

    11. Latina, curly burgundy hair, wild, fun, amiable

    12. Pale, black widows peak, ice blue eyes, handsome, quiet, geeky laugh

    13. curly short blonde hair, pixie facial features, nice, spacey.

    uff-da :) Hope I helped! :)

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