Differences in the book and movie 'American Psycho.'?

Do you think the directors for the movie steered too far away from what Bret Easton Ellis was really trying to accomplish with the book? It was supposed to be a cultural reference for the 1980's, with him describing everything from what everyone was wearing, doing and listening to.

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    Movies always have some differences from the book. American Psycho is no different but it is a good adaptation of the book.

    Ellis' only complaint with the film was Bateman's moonwalk before killing Paul Allen. In the novel, Patrick Bateman's favorite artists are Genesis, Huey Lewis and the News and Whitney Houston. Three distinct, and entire chapters, are devoted to each. Virtually every line in the film, including voice-overs, are taken nearly verbatim from Ellis' novel. One of the few discrepancies is that several names from the book were changed for the film; for instance Paul Owen became Paul Allen and Tim Price became Tim Bryce.

    American Psycho, as other works by Ellis, has connecting characters from his other books which subsequently do not appear at all in the film version. With the exception of the character of Vanden, whom Evelyn (Reese Witherspoon) introduces as her cousin at Espace, is also from Rules of Attraction. Patrick Bateman's brother Sean from Rules of Attraction is in the chapter entitled Birthday/Brother, but is mentioned nowhere in the film; However, Patrick is mentioned by Sean in both the book and the film version of Rules of Attraction.


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    Paul Allen Movie

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