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Correct Swedish translation for...?

I'm getting a tattoo on the inside of my arm from just above the inside of my elbow to just below my under arm, but I want to have the correct translation and most on-line translators give slightly different versions. the phrase I want is 'to get lost in a world of fantasy' translated to Swedish.

Thanks for your time.

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    I'm a native swedish speaker, and this is how I would say it:

    - att förlora sig själv i en fantasivärld.

    the thing is that it sounds a bit corny in swedish. maybe you should say something like this instead:

    - att förlora sig själv i en värld av drömmar.

    which means "to get lost in a world of dreams". it sounds a lot better to me :) hope this helped you!

    Source(s): I'm swedish
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    "Att förlora sig i en värld av fantasi" would be an alternative, though a bit movietrailer-esque one.

    Source(s): 6 years of studying in school.
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    Here ya go:)

    till gå sig bort i en värld av fantasien

    To get lost in a world of fantasy.

    Hope I helped..

    Thank you for YOUR time?;_ylt=Amyy_...

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    död före vanära

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    this is a really good site, i would try this one- its helped me out plenty of times when i was looking for translations

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