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Does anybody use Trackpass?

I've been contemplating trying this Trackpass thing out. Actually, I am going to try it out due to it having a free trial. For those of you who use it; What are your opinions on it? Also, What is your favorite feature on it?

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    I use the Pit Command and I love it. Ive been using it for years. With it you get everything except the Raceview and I don't care for it. With Pit Command you get the live leaderboard, dashboard views of 2 drivers of your choosing & the best feature of all is the driver scanners. You can choose from all 43 drivers, listen to race officials if you choose and you can also listen to PRN radio broadcast. I listen to them sometimes so I don't have to listen to Fox's Nascars pathetic TV coverage.

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    I've had trackpass raceview before, I do not need all the graphics. I have race scanner, it has all the drivers, MRN/PRN so you do not have to listen to the media idiots on TV. Scanner is cheap its only I think 24.95 a yr, but if you are a young person who is into all the graphics and need that kinda entertainment I guess it is okay. I just like listening to the drivers on the scanner. I've had pit command in the past its okay.

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    Yes, I've used RACEVIEW for the past 2 years, but I'm done after this season. It's a piece of crap now. They redesigned it for this season, and it's even worse than it was before. It's not worth $80 a year. I am just going to do the Scanner next season, so at least I can still listen to my favorite driver's in-car radio.

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    I use Live Leaderboard.. I've tried Track Pass, and find that paying for all of that additional information, isn't worth it.. I like to watch the race.. Not graphics on a computer screen.. Lap times, and intervals help see what is developing that the cameras don't show.. The other stuff is just a distraction from watching the race on TV..

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