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who was george mack 1865 nd and where is his land address?

geneology george mack b. 2 may or feb 1865 karlsruhe, north dakota d. 15 nov 1922

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    During what period of time? When first came to America or the last years of his life?

    The first George Mack I see in ND is starting in the 1900 census of North Dakota is b. Feb 1865 in Russia, immigrated abt 1890 with wife Barbara and oldest son b. 1880 also b. in Russia. Living in the Norway Township, La Moure County ND. 6 other children born in ND. BUT census has children 4 children ages 9, 7, 6, and two both 3 but has birth yrs as 1881, 1883, 1885,1888(2). So either ages are wrong or birth yrs

    Later in 1920 ND census there are 2 George Mack families, the above one married to Barbara that now says he was born in Austria and now living in one in Logan Co. ND. The other is b. abt 1867 in Russia and married to a Margaret living in McHenry, ND.

    Use this website to see census it s free: http://pilot.familysearch.org/recordsearch/start.h...

    Use this website about ND and it's county's histories, plus maps:


    ND didn't become a state till Nov 1889, till then it was the (North) Dakota Territory. 1861 it included what is today ND, SD, most of Montana and Wyoming. In 1863 it was reduced to what is today the area of both ND and SD. 1880 census it is the Dakota Territory.

    By the way Karlsruhe in in McHenry County ND.

    1910 census George and Margrette Mack are in Twsp 154 McHenry Co ND. and George and Barabra are in Logan Co. surname written and transcribed as Mag, same children in household as 1900 census.

    Source(s): Ancestry LDS Family History Record Pilot Search
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