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(repost) Neck lump?? (pic included) thyroid/lymphoma?

i'm wondering if anyone has had anything similar to this????…

5th January i could feel swelling (pushing/pressure) sensation in my (right side) neck, i had been having mild chest pains for the past month also which forced me to quit smoking jan 1st....(after 10yrs) it also is not sore.

so i went to the doc. i got chest xray, cbc, pft and ecg all came back within normal range...even thyroid is normal. he was happy to send me on my way despite "the swelling" saying it was probably reactive. i hadn't been ill for months. so i asked for referal to ENT.

ENT appointment finally came for end of April <what a waiting list that was> swelling still there..a little bigger lump per say just feels harder than opposite side of neck.

Doctor had a feel, stuck a camera up my nose and looked around throat etc (interesting experience, lol). she referred me for an ultrasound just to make sure nothing is being missed.

ULTRASOUND yesterday...swelling has gotten a little bigger...he held over alot of places on my right side neck and did alot of typing on his little computer, lol!! have to wait for a phone call/letter for my results.

still not sore, just occasionally aches.

anyone been through the same thing or similar?? i'm worried about LYMPHOMA but the only other possible symptom i have is crazy itching, especially my left side chest (occasionally) and legs (practically all the time, worse at night), which i often scratch til i bleed

or possible thyroid?? even though cbc came back normal

Additional Details

everything normal on nose/throat cam

i'm nearly 27

not worried....had months to prepare, lol

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    The itching is a definite concern. Any night sweats? [profuse soak-the-sheets type] Weight loss? Have you been given antibiotics for the lumps [with no result]? They were all set to remove my thyroid [I had been to ENT and even gastro for tests prior to seeing a surgeon] , when they did a routine pre-surg fine needle aspiration [biopsy] of a swollen node at the base of my neck. And, oh by the way, it was lymphoma. Mine grew a lot faster and was actually a tumor wrapped around my neck. I had been given antibiotics that had no effect [major red flag]. A biopsy is the most definitive test, and in my case, was the only way my lymphoma was detected. However, there are many things that can cause lymph nodes to go crazy, and most of them are not cancer. If it is something bad, there are great treatments out there, and survival rates are high. You need to know for sure what's going on. Stick with your doctors until you get some answers.

    Here is where you'll find the best info:

    Best wishes

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    Keep in mind that lumps and bumps in the neck are often very normal. Basically everyone has something pop up at some point in their lives, many may not evne notice it. As far as the itching, that is also very normal. And can often be triggered by stress and anxiety.

    Just try and relax until the results come back. If the worst does happen, which is extremely unlikely, remember that lymphoma is very curable these days.

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