I can't decide which is better American or Canada?

I have just been given two managerial positionsmy offered Pay in America is a bit more than here and i have to choose whether to go to America or stay in Canada. All i know about America is from what I see on T.V and what people tell me

-In B.C Canada it is mostly raining it's "rain province" and is usually really cold.

-However there are a lot of social services and great health care

- People in Canada are also very friendly and have a great international reputation compared to U.S- - there is more green here but we don't get American services like Direct TV HD and Hulu which i really want and technology electronics from best buy cost more and we get those models later than U.S like PS3, I PAD, newest Desktops and Laptops etc. I am a total techno nerd XD so those are important to me.

-In U.S i know life is more Luxurious with all those places to go like Hollywood and Univesal Studios, Disney etc in California and gets more sun than here.

- There is less green there

-There is less social services and there health care is not that good but they are trying to reform it

-But i can get the latest technology cheaper than what i pay for here and I can get all the services I want like Direct TV HD and Hulu

- U.S is the biggest media factory with the best shows and channels i want like Disney HD and Spike HD

So which one do you think is better living in Canada or America


Job offers plant manager for a factory in Toronto Canada moving from B.C

And plant manager for a factory in Seattle Washington

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    U.S. You'll find more things to do here, as you've stated yourself. You can get the things you're interested in cheaper here, as you've stated yourself. Actually, there is plenty of social services here, too much if you ask me, and the health care here is great, though not everyone is covered just yet. But there are world class doctors and hospitals here. In some places in the U.S., the weather is definitely better though if you'll be living in Seattle you'll see more rain than sun. One more thing, we don't have such a great international reputation because most people around the world have a tendency to be jealous of us. They expect us to solve the world's problems and when we do it our way, we get criticized for it but if we do nothing, everything falls apart. Try it here, if you don't like it you could always go back to Canada.

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    Well if you are basing your decision on weather, do not move to Seattle as it is just as rainy and has cold summers like B.C. (the Coast..)

    Toronto has hot summers and cold winters, and it rains far less than in Seattle. You will definitely experience more sun in Toronto than Seattle..

    Seriously though, stay in Canada. You get free healthcare (and I doubt this will come to the US anytime soon..), you can always go to Buffalo or something and buy all your technology and cheap clothes, you can get a lot of American channels on TV, and if you lived in Seattle, it would be just as far a trip to Hollywood/Disney World too.

    Your reasons for wanting to live in America are pretty superficial, and as I have mentioned above, you have easy access to all that stuff in Canada too.

    Source(s): I'm Canadian and live in Canada, although I have lived in the US too. I like it much better here :)
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    I raised my six children in Edmonton, Alberta. We have been living in B.C. now for over 20 years. I do not agree that B.C. is usually really cold. This year we are slow achieving summer weather, but at any other time our summer months are beautiful. When you fly over other areas in Northern B.C. or Alberta, you do not realize the difference. This Province is green and lush. The Spring flowers start showing in April and continue on right through the summer months.

    We have the ocean and the mountains behind us. From our porch I can see Mount Baker and the various lush trees growing around us.

    I would not live anywhere else.

    I definitely would not move to the States. Canada has everything to offer, weather, scenery, color, and cities that have a diverse range of all ethnic people, who live together in perfect harmony.

    If you get sick in the States, you have had it. You loose whatever money you have saved, and even loose your house if the health problems are critical.

    Somehow I feel you are still quite young, because you are still making decisions based on t.v. shows, Universal Studios, California and the Sun. They are NOT the basics that will create a happy, safe, successful environment for a family.

    You are the one to make your own choices. However, I would be very careful if I were you, that you choose very carefully. Your whole future depends on it.

  • Nancy
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    Not going to happen. Too much money is being made. Why would Canada have to cut off the U.S. to trade with other countries? We (Canadians) already have numerous trade deals with other countries. The Buy America thing looks like it's going to end because it's a job killer for both countries. The two economies are too interwoven to all of a sudden try to break a relationship that serves everyone very well over all.

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    Well people can say what they want about Canada, as observers. But I am a dual citizen of Canada USA - Seattle as a matter of fact, and I choose to live in Canada because of the diversity, health-care, natural beauty, stance on military/war, and politics. If you're young now eventually issues more important than what cable service provider , or electronic devices you can get will become more important. Long term, I would go with Canada.

    Have a great day!

  • Stay in canada, Toronto has more services than BC. Home is where you make it. But the benefits in canada long term are greater. My ex wife chipmunk is a Kwakiutl from BC and now lives in niagara falls, Ont. she lived with me in NYC for 3 years. services there are same as here and toronto has same 2 hours away. stay up there

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    I personally wouldn't want to share a country with a bigot like Jungle J. You've made a list of pros and cons. Only you can decide which outweighs the other. Proximity to my family and friends would always win with me.

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    Canada is in North America silly!

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    Canada is your home, leaving your home can cause great discomfort and difficulty when you wish to see your family and friends. I ask you now if "a bit more pay" is worth your home, family and friends?

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    I would choose Seattle over Toronto.

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