Why the human world is full of Suffering?

I know my life doesn't mean anything as to this matter is with everyone's life...We are born and we are reduced to ashes 80 years later....

There was a time when i used to be a fervent believer of God....but my experiences compelled me to become a Nihilist....the world is such a frustrating place...

I hate my self to be born as a human being...

Wont the world change ever??? Wars, epidemics, cancers, AIDS, robbery, poverty and hunger....

Mankind is such a mess....

The world is such a frustating place

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago
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    Either because,

    a) Some chick ate an apple six thousand years ago

    b) Greed

    c) Too many people are having babies in africa, the human genome isn't perfect with down syndrome, autism, antisocial personality disorder, serial rapists, babies being born with tumors on their faces which are inoperable, some dude ****** a monkey because he couldn't get any pussy back in his town so everyone has aids

    But good **** does go down, I see it every day. They just don't show it on the news. Heroic acts in war, people pulling over on the highway to help little old ladies change a blown tire, firefighters risking their lives for a paycheck, dolphins chillin' in the ocean, black dudes smoking the ganja, the millions of teachers, psychologists, doctors, priests, rabbis and holy men who help billions of people cope with their lives. I don't think when the world is fully developed, where there is no third world country there will be as much suffering. Just think that 2000 years ago you could be killed for being a witch, getting raped or just because some dude named god wanted frogs to fall from the sky. How much we have learned and will learn. If we do die in 80 years, you better make it one hell of a life because your not going to live forever. Do what you can that makes you feel happy.

    And have you ever been in love? That feelings the best thing in the world <3

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Good morning Gouravkrakrishna.nandi

    As I understand greed, attachment, the I-am-right-and-you-are-wrong mentality are the cause of suffering. Will it ever change? Good question. Hopefully, if we lose the Ego on both personal and geopolitical levels, we will have a chance to change the world to be a better place. Become a Nihilist, a believer that "…the world and especially human existence are without meaning, purpose, comprehensible truth, or essential value" (according to http://www.wordiq.com/definition/Nihilism )? No, then you've given up and said the others win by attrition: that would be the ultimate pity.

    May all be at peace.

  • 3 years ago

    I always liked what the Philosopher and Saint Augustine of Hippo said on this issue, "There is no evil in the world, just an absence of good." What he means is that God didn't create evil. Evil arises from the human perception of an absence of good. Also there's another nice argument about how people are "Free". See people are allowed and can do what they want, they can choose whether they want ot be good or bad (because if we couldn't choose we might as well be mindless). However at the same time people don't always choose good, and that's what causes evil. See before humans, everything was good. That is, the rocks and plants and animals aren't inherently evil. It's when people come, and that people have free will, and that people make poor choices that "evil" arises. (They make bad choices, and God didn't create these choices, people did).

  • 10 years ago

    Well, as a believer of God, I can only say that this could maybe be like a test. If you pass it, it's good for you and even others (i.e. When you see someone smile, it just makes you want to smile too, even if you're down in the dumps). But if you fail it, that would affect you and possibly others. I believe that at one point one point of time, everyone will have understood the meaning of life beyond what it is simply. And then at that time, everything will be 'nothing.' Time stops, happiness and sadness stops, and even life and death will stop. But then we won't feel sad everything will be gone, as we will understand why/how things happened the way it did, and accept it as God's choice. But note; this is spiritually speaking. In a more scientific way, everything will end (maybe slowly) when the sun dies out or some gigantic natural disaster wipes out most kinds of living things. So, this may not answer your question, but this is my point of view of how things might work out.

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  • Temple
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    10 years ago

    The human world is full of suffering because the human world is full of humans.

    Humans who are striving, struggling, to get closer to God.

    The world is a frustrating place and it will not change as long as you hate yourself for being born.

    All of the life that you mention, wars, epidemics, cancers, AIDS, robbery, poverty and hunger, will continue until human beings come into understanding.

    That understanding begins with you.

    Sai Ram

  • 10 years ago

    Burning is nothing but energy passing through matter so fast that it becomes energy. To be conscious of that burning is pain, at least sometimes. We feel the burning of the food in our belly and it feels good. Fire can burn us or fire can warm us. Pain and suffering is similar. Pain teaches the body how to react, and suffering isn't as intolerable as we think it is if we are to step back in our perspective, maybe across a whole continent or across several lifetimes. it's a matter of perspective

  • 10 years ago

    you have to make use of suffering. make use of undesirable situations. when you can do that, there is no more frustration. you have to look at the bad things, and see the potential good. see the good in the bad, then all you will see is good. it is easy when you build momentum. but momentum works the other way too: even in good situations, you can only foresee a negative outcome. you start to focus on negative things that don't even effect you at all: you create your own suffering: suddenly, things that were not even causing you to suffer have become yet another source of suffering! STARVATION BRINGS ME DESPAIR, BUT I AM NOT EVEN HUNGRY! i am not living in poverty... but i might as well be... i feel homeless in my own home! the mind creates all of this suffering. the reality is that is it utterly stupid to suffer from what isn't even there. then even when you are healthy, you are sick. your mind, your way of looking at things, is a sickness itself. if i am not being robbed, what do i care that thieves are around. they are not bothering me, there is no need to worry. be aware of them, take precautions perhaps... but do suffer over it. and if someone steals from you... so what? they just gave you the opportunity to make a charitable donation!

  • 10 years ago

    all in all in the end it all goes away!

    I guess if you can align some sort of mental reasoning behind the "pattern of pain", you will find an answer worth following! Why we suffer? We don't.. we merely endure a wake up call from time to time

    pain runs deepest in the ones who stand the tallest

  • karl
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    10 years ago

    We humans live in two domains. One domain may have pain but no suffering. the other domain has all the stories, and all the suffering. Only one domain is actually real and, fortunately, it is the first one. Unfortunately, though, this domain is so close to us, so obvious that we completely overlook it. I know I did, for 57 years. The solution is to switch foreground and background - bring the first domain into your foreground.

  • 10 years ago

    You have seen only the suffering part why dont you see where people are happy and enjoying life ,sometimes without nothing in hand !

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