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why is my "bestie" so rude to me, always has been, im sure always will be?

ummk well so my so "best fried" is SO rude, but mostly just to me. Well i met her in 7th grade im 15 now going into 10th her birthday is a few weeks before mine.ANYWAYS, my point is i liked a guy made out with him a few times after a few dates dont worry im a classy hoe (that was a joke, laugh) ok seriously though ya and then i made the mistake of introducing them i told her before hand hes mine. but she decided to date/ have sex with him. i got mad at him i.e. stopped talking to him, and i forgave her although through the whole thing i didnt get one "sorry" all i got was "ur fault for introducing us" then 5 seconds awkward and then she would laugh it off. after that he STILL tryed to "hook up" with me but i didnt go there hes a hoe anyways when ever i would hang out with her she loved inviting him (her bf then, my ex make out buddy) and then she would ditch me so she could get it on with him or talk or what ever they did. Her ex before him hated me so if he ever told her something hurtful about me she loved to tell me about it, all the time. shes a broken record if she knows something would make me feel bad about myself or anything she would tell me a million times! see me im a NICE person unlike her shes a libra (oct 6th) im a scorpio (oct 30th) air and water really dont mix well! although ive dated some libras so maybe it did idk anyways the point is she has so many rude comments ALL the time. or when i say something usually when we r in public she likes basically yelling "omg victoria your so stupid!" shes like 5' 3 and im and im 5' 8 so she always loves saying "dont tall guys like short girls" then i remind her how my bfs were all like 6'3 and up and then she gets into oh nick (ex make out buddy hes ex NOW) was 6' 2 and he liked her better blah blah. ive hung out with her and our friends even her and her friends who i havent really met shes super nice to them and feels for some reason its ok to be mean to me. i like being positive so im not gonna stoop to her level but i dont go to regular school i stopped last year i do i.s. (independent studies) so basically its hard for me to make friends who r girls i have lots of guy friends but very few girl friends so i dont just wanna stop being friends with her but honestly i might have to. like shes been so rude to me before with her back handed compliments and hes side comments oh and u cant forget when she says "here this is too big for me do u want it, but it might be too small for you" happens more often then u think! although i wear a size 7 jeans and she wears 12-14 so ya idk. she thinks shes thinner then me because she weighs less but im like what almost 6 inches taller and i have a wider frame. idk shes just getting annoying not even like shes that fun . and if i tell her something and it doesnt involve her she will just tune me out basically. like she has guy issues i help her i want to talk about a guy she says "why do u have to tell me about guys do u need my approval or something? i mean its not like im ur mom!" She tells me her 10 minute dreams and expects me to be like "really and ask a bunch of questions" which i would have no issue with if she reciprocate it, like i said earlier if i want her to listen it has to be about her sometimes ill lie and put her in just so she will shut up for once and let me talk about myself, that may sound selfish but i listen to her talk about her 24/7 i just want one minute for me. she loves to steal my words or phrases, if i tell her oh he has cool shoes she loves to tell him before i can, if i tell her i like something she will make sure she gets it first, if she tells me about her intimate life and i dont wanna hear im a "bad friend" but she wont listen to mine, and i dont even go into detail like she does. she always has to bring me down like "gosh ur such a hoe for doing that with this person" (no matter what it is even if its just kissing not like she hasnt done that! i mean me and her are definitely not ur Little innocent church girls) i ALWAYS feel like when she doesnt have money i should buy her something, i started counting last year ive bought her 19 drinks (star bucks, root beer floats, soda, jamba ect) and ive bought her over 50 dollars worth of food.but she wouldnt even give me a quarter for a gum ball.if a guy flirts with me she HAS to flirt with him (but she does it by trying to get his like being loud(it seems obnoxious) or saying sexual things left and right) my question is have you girl or guy ever gone through this, and what can i do i know what ur thinking, why still be friends with her?


well like im not the perfect friend to her but honestly i dont insult her, i dont go after guys shes likes, i basically am loyal i want a best friend who is loyal back why is that so hard to get. idk like maybe i will just befreind some other girl but its harder then u think when u arent in regular school and now its summer time

Update 2:

haah i didint **** nick, just like other stuff but same concept. shes bi but im straight sorry eric!

Update 3:

omg and speaking of being bi come on like 0.4 % of bi girls are really bi. like i think girs are pretty but i know im not bi. they a: want attention. b:know most guys like it or c: are comfused but some r bi i guess idk

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  • 10 years ago
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    there are a couple of things that could be going on here. I don't have enough information, but here goes...

    #1even though she's older than you, she still see's you as being more happy than she is, and envy's you for it

    #2 she actually is being a ***** behind your back as well as in front of you


    #3Many of the things you said above sound like they could be easily be happening to her too. How do you treat her?

    What you can do about it

    #1 ditch the *****

    #2 Stay positive

    or my favorite,

    #3 Tell her that the way she is acting Hurts your feelings. It legitimately sounds like she doesn't even know that she is doing this to you, and if your a true friend you would make sure that she is not ruining her relationships with others as well.


    Source(s): Life
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  • Ok chicky poo sounds like some crap and you should not be friends with her like AT ALL. But based on the story you just told it sounds like she both jealous AND threatened by you. She knows shes jealous and she is trying her hardest to cut you down and lower your self esteem to make herself feel better about her phony self. But if you do decide to still hang out with this chick ( PLEASE DON'T DO IT!!! ) and she does something uncalled for just like lay it on her and say i am so tired of you treating me like this! So you can either stop acting like your the queen and im the lackey that you can just push around or you can go somewhere and find somebody else to do that because im not havin it anymore. Or something of that sort take this to heart my dear and let no one treat you like that because nobody deserves a so called "friend" like that

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  • 10 years ago

    I couldn't read all that--it is just too long. Why are you friends with someone who doesn't seem to respect you and is rude to you? That isn't really much of a friendship. Sometimes people who meet when they are younger grow and drift apart as they go through their teen years. Perhaps instead of hanging out with her under the pretense she is your friend, you both should move on with your lives.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    It sounds like you two are made for each other. You are both jealous of the other and you are both obnoxious and will use each other until the end of your lives. It's just catty jealousy hormonal thievery with no morals, just pop bubble gum typical girl drama.

    You should make out with each other and have lesbian sex and just keep doing more crazy sh it. Like have threesomes and start getting addicted to drugs and pregnant and eventually just kill yourselves and each other.

    Source(s): The guy that fuc ked you both.
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  • lahne
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    4 years ago

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  • 10 years ago

    Get Over Yourself.

    Best Wishes


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  • 5 years ago

    Get new friends

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