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What is the air temp of the air conditioning in my 2009 Hyundai Elantra supposed to be?

When the ac is on max ac and the highest fan level, the air comes out at 45 degrees. The cabin is only cooled 10-15 degrees. So when it is 90 outside, it is 75-80 in the car (Depending on if the thermometer was in the sun or shade). Does this sound right? Is the air supposed to be coming out colder?

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    What interval we are talking about here? How long it takes to get down to 75-80F inside the cabin? The best way to check is to measure temperature coming out of the dash nozzles. With a laser temperature measuring devise pointed towards the center nozzle, you should register around 40F degrees blasting out. The best time is to take measurements after few minutes of A/C operating at full blast (step 4 on fan speed and only after few minute of full operation). Anything above 40F (3to4 Celsius degrees) indicates a problem in the system, mainly related to a very slow leak (refrigerant) or insufficient amount of R134A refrigerant. If you find this inappropriate for you, just take it to dealer. Just make sure you ask the dealer prior to inspection if this will cost you anything. Usually, recharging the A/C system has a limited warranty coverage for only 1 year or 20.000 miles (whichever comes first).

    Message for "8675309" user: No, recharging the A/C system will not give you a better operation or generate colder air. You can't put more or less refrigerant than the system is designed for. Less refrigerant will not blast any cold air and will lock the clutches on the compressor (will not damage the compressor-just lock it to protect it).Excessive refrigerant will Open the excess valve on compressor "spitting" out the excessive amount. You will see a green liquid all over the radiator and condenser. Not a good Idea.

    Hope this will help both of you guys.

    Good luck.

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    i have a '08 Elantra which will get its first real test tomorrow in 90+ temps. i will edit this post to say how it did if you wish to check back

    i have heard a few concerns about the Elantra ac system not being "cold enough" or barely adequate at 90+ temps. or even upper 80. since its not a car with auto temp control and what not, i couldn't tell you how cold its supposed to be. but i can tell you so far its been good this year as its warmed outside into the mid 80's

    where i am we had our warmest day of the year today and it was fine. in fact i often need to turn the temperature UP (warmer) to keep it from getting too cold in the car, and find myself turning the fan speed to 2.

    that said, it is slow(er) to cool the car then my last, but i expect that as i had a midsize car before. so far, i find the cooling to be more then adequate. i just put it on "Max AC" and adjust as needed

    however, its gonna be a HOT weekend around these parts and i will be out and all over both days. so the true test is coming, as the car hasn't been in hot environs before, nor the AC tested in such. i don't use a thermometer, but i will give you my impressions of AC effectiveness as i find it. i'll be wearing a t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers and will be driving my car for hours. i should also point out my windows are tinted, 45%. tints help with cooling, as the windows of the Elantra are not tempered very well from the factory

    one thing i will say is i find the car cools better when the fan speed is set on 3. i've had other small cars where this is the case, also. otherwise with my Elantra the speed of the fan set on 4 seems to rush the air out too fast, seemingly overwhelming the cooling. IOW a lot of air coming out but not enough cool to make use of it. so it has a "more fan, less cool" effect. best i can describe it. so i keep the fan speed on 3 when i want maximum cooling

    thats my take, at least. far, so good. but if you have concerns, so do others. i don't expect the AC to stand up to triple digit heat, exactly. but sure, if it does well with 90+ tomorrow, i'll be happy. if not....not so happy :(

    ATTN: HYUNDAI GURU.....................if you read this, will servicing ( evacuating, recharging, etc) an Elantra AC system make it "colder" then it is coming out of the factory? i've had AC systems in other cars seem colder then EVER after its first servicing. what say you?

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    Regardless of what type of car you have Freon and a properly working A/C system have chemical and mechanical limitations. Without getting mechanically technical, here are some laymen guidelines you can use. First of all to check the discharge temperature from the convenience ducts the vehicle should be at normal operating temperature. Now with the vehicle running and a fan blowing in front of the vehicle to cool down the condenser, to simulate a vehicle moving is when you want to monitor discharge temps.

    The capabilities of freon are chemically limited to the amount of heat transfer under pressure.

    Let's now assume it's 90 out with high humidity, your moving in traffic at let's say 40 mph. The streets are sizzling, you can fry an egg on the hood kinda hot. Your maxed out and so is your A/C. The under hood temp is well above 200, the exhaust temp is well above 600.

    Using an on factor ( a multiplication factor) without a calculator, take the outside ambient

    (existing) temperature we're now at 90 and multiply the temp times X 70 ='s 63.

    If your discharge temp from the dash is reading within plus or minus 5 degrees of the calculation your in Maro world...that's all you get! More freon won't help if the system is full,

    no bubbles in the sight glass and pressures are normal. A sliding scale does not exist to predetermine what a should be temperature reading ought to be. Mother nature & chemistry

    are key players in heat, condensation transfer.

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    45 is right on the money.

    On humid days - do you have the air control on recirculate instead of outside?

    Do you park in a shaded area when possible? ( It takes a LONG time to cool a vehicle that has been parked in the sun due to the upholstery and all its padding must be cooled AND there is a lot of glass working against you.

    Sun roof closed - windows ALL the way up?

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    that would require installation each and all the A/C strains and ductwork no longer put in on the manufacturing unit plus the dashboard controls. i might examine with the dealership and see if it must be achieved. i understand a company called classic Air makes structures to put in older automobiles that have been earlier a/c.

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