Moving to Los Angele's need information on the grove area.?

So I want to move back to California, I was there in 2003 and was in Orange County (hated it!) it was very nice though. But I soon left and move back to Ohio. Now I want to move back to California, I am a african american and I notice that you don't see a lot of african american in the media, when it come to los angeles. Not that it matters, But i would like to live near the Grove area. I work as a nursing assistant on the night shift here in Ohio, and I have already requested a reprocity with the state of California, now i am on the CA nursing assistant state registry and have bk clearance with the state to work, so I need to know .

1. are there any nursing homes or hospitals near the grove area?

2. are there any african americans in that area?

3.would I have a hard time finding a roommate in that area. i plan to have at least 3 months rent advance plus deposit (if deposit is necessary).

4. what do nursing assistant make over there? I have over 10 years experience.

5. I am a singer songwriter and would like to be around artistic people or at least know where they hang out.

6. I just do not want to be in a gang or racist or ghetto neighborhood. I have a pleasant personality and a hippy at heart. I like diversity in neighborhoods and I also wouldn't mind dating a white guy or two (lol).

7. What is the best way to have my car shipped over?

Okay! If you read all of this... thank you! i really would like serious information that is helpful.

God Bless!!

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    I don't know for sure what nursing assistants make in LA, but I think it would be difficult to afford to live in LA, especially in a higher priced area like around the Grove. (We hired a CNA for great grandma and she was paid $15 an hour and that was really good from what she said, about what UCLA was paying, I think around $13 an hour is average.) RNs make good salaries and are somewhat in demand, but there just aren't a lot of other jobs available here now. Cedars Sinai is very near the Grove, UCLA isn't too far off, and there are other hospitals nearby. Google Map: The Grove Los Angeles, and then click on the marker, and Search nearby: Hospitals

    There are lots of nursing homes in LA, but I think a high percentage of the workers likely aren't CNAs, but lower paid employees, so it might be harder than you would think to get a job. You should contact agencies to see if it's possible to line some kind of job up before you get out here. The job market is VERY bad. You might not be able to find a job in 4 months or even more.

    There are plenty of African Americans in LA, and the area south of the Grove has a large population. Baldwin Hills, Windsor Hills, and Ladera Heights are very nice neighborhoods of predominantly well-off African Americans.

    You can probably find a roommate easily, but you may not be able to find a roommate you find suitable easily. Lots of creepy people in LA, roommates bring all kinds of drama. You're looking at $900 for a single and $1200 for a one bedroom on the very low end. Craigslist is a way to find anything (and I mean anything), but there are scams and weird people on it, so be careful:

    There are artistic people all over LA, and lots in the area around the Grove.

    In general, Hollywood, West Hollywood, Fairfax, all around the Grove area are not all that safe. Even in the very desirable Hancock Park area (mansions), it isn't that safe. But that's what you get in LA. If you're careful, put good locks on your doors and windows, alarm your car, are aware of your surroundings, and don't do dumb stuff like walk around by yourself at night, you should be fine.

    What about driving your car out here? That might be your best option. I know there are services you can pay to ship or drive your car here, did you try Google? Cross Country Car Transport

    If you want to live near the westside, you might try Culver City, if the Grove area doesn't work out.

    Safety Info: Click on Map, and Safety

    Good luck!

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    I hang around the grove area on the weekends and i LOUVER it. I wish i can move out there too you are SO luckky!! Yes there are african americans there and many other races....I've seen a lot of people from europe there which is NICE. I don't think you will find a hard time finding a roommate there. Many people there are into fashion and many musicians there also. They have the SEXIEST white men there. Im african american also and the ones there aren't ghetto they very nice and mature. I wish i can move in with you im so JEALOUS lol. You must be rich lol. You will see many celebs there one weekdays during the day but not much on weekends.

    Unfortunately that's all the information I can give you.

    Good Luck! Im JEALOUS

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    4 years ago

    Advice? This will be the BIGGEST mistake of your life. Moving to Los Angeles will NOT do one single thing to advance or improve your career. It ONLY means you moved to Los Angeles where the competition for every job is extremely fierce. You'll just be one more empty face in the crowd of LITERALLY thousands just like you, and more get off the bus every day. STAY home, go to college and earn a degree in a marketable trade, save up as much money as you can, than if you still want to you can move then, but NOT BEFORE! Your plan is just a recipe for disaster. You may get bullshit answers about "following your dream". Dreams DON'T put food in your stomach, or a roof over your head.

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