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Question About Bare Hard Drives?

Do bare hard drives come without covers on them

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    Bare drives are just regular drives without the retail box and accessories.

    There is no difference between a "bare" drive and any other hard drive, the drives themselves are the same. The difference is, "bare" means it is not sold in a shrink wrapped retail box, with all the accessories you normally see in a retail box. That means it doesn't come with a cable or a tools CD or adapter brackets. Most "bare" drives come in an antistatic bag, in a plain cardboard box with a little foam around them. I've even gotten a "bare" drive in an antistatic bag wrapped in nothing but bubble wrap, then tossed in a yellow manila envelope for shipping.

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    Bare hard drives come blank (no operating system) and are enclosed in a case with all the connecting pins exposed. Look here for hard drives:

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    as in...?...bare harddrives just come with the hard drive, nothing else with it like brackets, etc...just the drive..and that's all you really need...especially if you are replacing an old broken one...

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