My new subwoofer just stopped working!?

I got new subs. The second day i was using them they just stopped working midway thru a song.. pulled the head unit out and checked all the wiring and all the wires were good. I checked the wires on the subs and to the amp, everything is normal... i dont know what happened?? any ideas


I checked the fuses, the subs are in polarity, and the amp is grounded well and isnt in protection mode.

Update 2:

oh and i bought a new amp which did not help

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  • 10 years ago
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    wire loose inside the box connecting to the terminal. test with a 1.5v battery. if the sub moves (it will if working- move slightly in then out).

    amp in protection mode? fuses checked?

    fuse on power wire to battery?

    ground on amp?- if amp off

    subs in polarity?- doubt this is the issue but never hurts to check

    my guess is the amp output signal. a multimeter can be used to measure the dc wattage on the output- i.e speaker wire. AND test the input signal on the rca cables. remember ground is outside,, positive inside the cable.

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