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Anonymous asked in Entertainment & MusicMusicRock and Pop · 10 years ago

Zappa fans: the '69 Hot Rats or the '87 one?

I like the extended "Gumbo Variations", but the remix of "Willie the Pimp" is a little too murky-sounding; it sort of spoils the guitar solo for me (on the 1987 mix, of course).

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    10 years ago
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    IMO Frank Zappa and Don Rose (Rykodisc) screwed up big time on those late 80s early 90s re-mixes. I prefer the original "Hot Rats" mix by far. "We're Only In It For The Money" is another example of this tampering. The "Flower Punk" re-mix is horrible...electronic drum pads, yada yada yada. WTF were they thinking?

    I still own that 1987 Ryko "Hot Rats" CD reissue, along with everything else from his vast back catalog that saw reissue on Rykodisc during the late 80's-early 90's. I rarely play them though for obvious reasons. Those Zappa reissues were among the first CD's that I ever purchased. I think I bought around 20 of his CD reissues all on one big shopping spree back in the late 80s. Boy was I mad when I played a few of them and discovered what Frank Zappa and Don Rose had done to some classic albums :(

    At least Frank had the common sense to leave well enough alone after "Hot Rats" there wasn't really any major tampering done to his post 1970 stuff...Chunga's Revenge, Grand Wazoo, Live At The Filmore 1971, Just Another Band From LA, Overnight Sensation, Apostrophe, Roxy and Elsewhere, One Size Fits All, Bongo Fury, Zoot Allures, etc etc etc....

    I actually bought those 1987 CD reissues a couple months before I even owned a CD player, Lol. So I hadn't played them until well after purchase, so returning them was out of the question. I was very skeptical with regards to CD purchases after that though. I was tempted to buy every Jethro Tull CD reissue as well a few months later...but from my past experience I felt it best to buy one at a time, just in case Mr. Anderson had caught the same "re-mix" bug that plagued Mr. Zappa and so many others. Though after about 18 months or so of avid CD purchasing, I wound up going back to my vinyl anyways. It didn't take me long to realize that something was lost during the analog to digital transfer process...and to this day they still haven't gotten it right...and never will either.

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