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Should Helen Thomas be expelled from the White House Press Corp?


In comments made in front of a rolling camera, veteran White House correspondent Helen Thomas (of Hearst Newspapers) stated bluntly that "tell the jews to get the He** out of Palestine". In response, the interviewer asked her "where was home" for the Jews, and she replied Poland and Germany!

See link:

Is she a Leftist...or a Neo-Nazi?

Like...if she decided that Blacks no longer belonged in....Louisiana!....would she suggest that they get the Hell back to Africa? (Then we could put her in a white sheet with matching hood)

Such blatant racism and antisemitism has no place in America...even in the Obama White House...and her continued presence there is only with the approbation and permission of Obama.

But that's my take.


Please opine with pithy comments from anywhere, even the White House press room, anytimeanytime if so inclined. And when answering, please do not be the No Spin Zone!


James, expelling a pig like Thomas will not silence her mouth, but her presence in the White House IS an affront to the vast majority of this country that "preys for the peace of Jerusalem"

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    She proved her anti Semitic ignorance with that statement since Jews inhabited Israel since the dawn of time.

    Was Jesus from Poland Helen?

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    Here is something that conservatives just don't seem to understand.


    It sounds to be like she is against the country of Israel. Maybe this is do to the fact that they literally stole over a half of a country from a people that were already living there. That's a perfectly valid opinion, although one I disagree with. 60 years ago I would be anti-Israel. Could you imagine if a country (let's say China) invaded the United States and then forced all the Americans to a few crappy regions of the country? You would be pissed too wouldn't you? Now-a-days almost all the Israelis were born and raised in Israel (rather than Europe) so they have just as much claim to the land as the Palestinians. But for someone as old as Helen Thomas (who probably remembers when Israel originally stole the country) she probably just feels the same way she did back then. She's not being racist, anti-Semitic, or a neo-Nazi. She's not calling for the death of any, let alone all of the Jews. Her opinion is entirely valid (although instead of arguments, I'm sure I'll just get thumbs down and called a bigot for saying that)

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    Why didn't Obama appoint someone/anyone of "color" to that position? Because he knew whoever it was would have to LIE, and make a fool out of themselves. Who better than the race he's attempting to discredit as those very things. Truly Buy-partisan. The jobs that are vulnerable to criticism, scrutiny, and all but impossible to do with a conscience, critical to credibility & transparency ... he gives (generously) to un, of color. The shill jobs of sedentary masturbation he gives to his radical cronies. Scapegoat central. The (he thinks) Perfect Fraud. Programming a mindset. Equating a lying sock puppet with Caucasians. All in the master plan. If you were doorman at the "Pearly Gates", and Gibbs showed up ... would you even bother to look up the information, or would you automatically pull the level on the trap door to Hell? He's a traitor to his country, and fully "paid for" & complicit in the destruction. A total sell-out. A disgrace. A court "Jester", a party Clown ...a W_ore. Van Jones should have that job.

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    Spouting off her opinions rather than asking a question to actually inform the public shows she has no respect for the purpose of journalism. Her job is to report the facts, not her bias. If she was any kind of journalist she would be aware of what is happening rather than have her head stuck in the mud.

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  • Are you suggesting that the Eva Braun of the White House Corpse be spoken of with so little respect? Folks here is your chance to see what an old Islamic woman looks like without her Burka on....

    I am wondering if she has failed to remember that the NAZI's are no longer in control of Germany and Poland.

    While on the subject of ugly, Does anyone ELSE notice that O'Bama is surrounding himself with OLD fat ugly women???? There may be SOME truth to the rumor of him having an affair, which Michelle the DISBARRED Illinois Lawyer, found out about....

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    Hellen Thomas should be sent back to al-jazzera. Before my grandparents were murdered by hellens friends in poland, they were told to get out of poland and go to palestine. Her and her nazi friends have just changed the destination.

    She shold get out of the "wite" house and go back to oz where her and whats "left" of her brain can slowly rot.

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    Unfortunately she does have a voice, does have an opinion, and is allowed to express it. I just do not understand why they want her to.

    She works for a company, which if it had ant sense, would put her in the mail room for the rest of her life, not in the White House.

    But that is just MY opinion.

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    We have freedom of speech and freedom of the press. If we allow A hate-monger like her to be banned, we set the precedent that any reporter can be banned simply for expressing opinions the president disagrees with. That hateful racist shrew can be insulted, degraded, condemned and ignored. But we cannot allow a precedent for her to be silenced. For if we allow them to silence the antisemitic, who will they silence next. Many liberals already accuse Fox News of engaging in hate speech. Everyone knows its BS, but if the mere accusation is enough to negate freedom of the press, our democracy is in serious trouble. The constitution exists for everyone, not just the people we like.

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    Is her opinion any different from that of the Presidential Administration as a whole? If it isn't, then how do you explain Obama's treatment of Israel in the last year and a half?

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    I understand her parents were from Lebanon? So perhaps she is just a tad BIASED, BIGOTED, AND HATEFUL, as well as ANTISEMITIC!

    We should launch her the He** to the moon with the other creatures that don't quite qualify as HUMAN BEINGS!

    And shame on OBONGO if he doesn't fire the He** out of her Nazi azz ASAP!

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