Who remembers the original cast of The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers?

The Power Rangers was the best show on Earth when I was about 6. But for some unknown reason they cut off 3 of the original rangers, then they cut the last 3, they cut Rita, Zed, and all the original villians. Why would they mess up a show that obviously made a lot of money because everyone I knew watched the show? What happened to the cast? Did they want more money, or what?

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  • 10 years ago
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    The first to leave was Austin St. John, who played Jason Lee Scott, Thuy Trang, who played Trini Kwan, and the third was Walter Emanuel Jones who played Zackary Taylor, the reason they left is that the indeed wanted more money, the next to leave late in Season 3 was Amy Jo Johnson who played Kimberly Ann Hart, she left because she didn't like being a Power Ranger and stated that in the VH-1 show I Love The 90s. As for Rita and Zedd, then ended tham at the end of Power Rangers In Space when Andors broke Zordon's energy tube and those two became good.

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