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Why cant ESPN get good fights?

does HBO really have more money than ESPN? I would think the commercial alone would pay for the fight better than HBO can. I understand i can just order HBO, but if boxing wants to be relevant again, i think bringing it back to non premium stations might be a good idea. any thoughts?

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    HBO's budget for acquiring fights is MUCH larger than ESPN's, in fact there isn't really any comparison between HBO and any other network (including Showtime) when you're talking about boxing, and you're actually lucky that you get to watch some of the fights that you do on ESPN. I agree that many times, the fights are not world-class and are sometimes sub-par but relatively speaking, ESPN puts on good fights and this year, they've put on excellent fights in comparison to previous years.

    As far as bringing boxing back to basic cable, here is what I think and what I know about it due to what I've learned about the politics and ins and outs of the sport that I love:

    If boxing was once again televised on basic cable, I have no doubt that it would once again become a mainstream sport but with all of the biggest fights on pay per view and all of the other top fights on HBO and Showtime, the viewing public for the sport has been greatly diminished because HBO and Showtime cost extra if you want those channels and not everyone wants to shell out 50 or 60 bucks to watch the biggest bouts. With boxing, the biggest bouts will be lucky if they can get 2 million viewers on pay per view, now compare that to football where the Superbowl gets over 90 million viewers and even regular games get over 15 million viewers on a regular basis- you can see why boxing is not a mainstream sport.

    If boxing was televised on regular TV, it would once again become a mainstream sport like it was between the 1930s and early 1980s. But, it will take A LOT of work in order for that to happen once again and it's more likely that it will never happen again because in order for it to happen, the networks such as NBC, CBS, and ABC (the latter of which has been close several times to televising live fights again) will have to be open to the idea, they will have to shell out a lot of money, get a lot of sponsors to accept the idea and hire a lot of people to work the telecasts. The thing is that with boxing, there are not always big fights every weekend and boxing does not follow a set schedule like other sports, so the network would have to be flexible with its dates for fights and with networks like NBC, CBS, and ABC, it is extremely hard for them to flexible with their dates because they have so much programming that goes on even on the weekends. They will have to hire a broadcast team which knows about boxing (which could be hard to do), they will have to compete with HBO and Showtime and most importantly, they will have to find big sponsors who will help to pay them for all of this because they not only have to worry about themselves, they have to worry about the fighters and the promoters getting paid. And since boxing hasn't been big since the 1980s, I doubt that too many sponsors would shell out millions of dollars on such a risky investment that has a good chance of failing- after all, the reality boxing show, "The Contender" didn't do so well when it was on NBC.

    It will always be a possibility that boxing can return to network television but I doubt it because pay per view has been working out just fine as a whole for fighters and promoters at the top level of the sport and they're not going to try and fix something that isn't broken even if it's worse off for the fans- promoters do what's in their best interests, they could care less about the fans watching the events at a modest or free price because as long as they are making good money, then they're happy. It would have to take a failure of epic proportions in order for promoters to stop putting the biggest fights on pay per view- the numbers would have to go down significantly even for the biggest bouts and it would take years and years before the promoters would finally decide to try something else and who knows if they would want to once again try basic cable when basic cable failed before? Golden Boy's Richard Schaefer constantly talks about putting fights back on regular television, yet he goes and puts a fight like Marquez-Diaz 2 on pay per view even though the first fight was on regular HBO and both fighter's stocks have fallen since the first fight- it makes absolutely no sense to put that fight on pay per view. It's very likely that boxing will never come back to basic cable but if it ever does, it's going to take years and that's putting it nicely- until then, the hardcore boxing fans will have to shell out the cash to watch the best fights on pay per view and the premium channels.

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    espn has money but idk think they throwing all that money @ boxing, hbo on the other hand does

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