In which country women paint the edges of their fingers and toes?

I was at a trip to Santorini and I saw a couple of tourists, the woman was dressed like this: She had a headscarf (so she was a muslim) and the edges of her fingers and toes were painted black. She also had many tattoos on her part of her hands and legs that were uncovered.

Where was she from? I know that this kind of fashion exists in an African country I think.

She had light brown colour of skin, her husband light black to brown.


I am 34 years old, I live in Greece, I have seen many tourists (from Europe, USA, Japan) in my country but I have never seen something like this. Really weird.

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    In general, many Muslim countries in Africa, the Middle East, and other parts of Asia use orange, red, brown, or black henna. But the only people I've seen who paint the tips of their fingers and toes with henna are Somalis whereas others usually use henna to make designs on their hands and feets. My aunts would come over to dip their fingers and toes in henna and talk. No clue why they like that style.

    Henna is not a permanent tattoo. It's a dye extracted from a flower that when used on the skin only lasts temporarily (so for about a few weeks).

    Source(s): I'm Somali.
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    Painted Fingers

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    Its not a paint, it is a paste called "Henna" that gives the skin reddish/brown color , and if mixed with some chemicals it becomes darker. The paste is made from dried up Henna tree leaves . Unlike paint it is good for the skin , some people dye their hair with it. The ready made "squeeze" dispenser usually contains chemicals to make the color darker and this one can be harmful so check ingredients/manufacturer.

    Unlike tattoos the Henna designs are absorbed by the skin and frequent washing , it fades away after a few months. The Henna tree was originally native to south Arabia but it is largely grown now in Indian subcontinent and east Africa, and of course Arab countries including north Africa.

    Some old men dye their white beards with it to make the hair reddish brown.

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    it's not a particular country which does it.

    what you are seeing is a dye called "henna"

    the dye will eventually come off. this style of body art is popular in Islamic countries or places with Islamic influence like coastal regions in East Africa.

    I've seen painted fingers and toes in Zanzibar and mainland Tanzania.

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    The majority of women in this world would prefer men to look more manly, and seeing as painting nails is mainly a female's thing to do, that doesn't show the more manly side of a man although there are men who paint their nails before special performances/occassions such as Halloween! :).

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    It can be from any country.

    I think what you saw was a woman with henna on her hands, and they can do that in practically any country. Like they do it in Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, sometimes Egypt, etc..

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    It's henna... its just been rubbed off, and henna says on nails and edges of fingers and toes for agesssss. :D


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