If the United States is a "Christian Nation" then why did the founding fathers create a seperation of Church..?

and State?


Yeah sorry, but I am not a Liberal.

I am a Registered Republican, but I am sick and tired of both the Republican and Democratic Party.

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  • 10 years ago
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    There is more than one Christian denomination, and the Founding Fathers had just left a situation where the government was taxing the Quakers, Jews, Catholics, Deists, etc., to support the Established Church, and restrict other churches from their freedom of worship.

    Religious Affiliation of the Signers of the

    Declaration of Independence

    Name of Signer State Religious Affiliation

    Charles Carroll Maryland Catholic

    Samuel Huntington Connecticut Congregationalist

    Roger Sherman Connecticut Congregationalist

    William Williams Connecticut Congregationalist

    Oliver Wolcott Connecticut Congregationalist

    Lyman Hall Georgia Congregationalist

    Samuel Adams Massachusetts Congregationalist

    John Hancock Massachusetts Congregationalist

    Josiah Bartlett New Hampshire Congregationalist

    William Whipple New Hampshire Congregationalist

    William Ellery Rhode Island Congregationalist

    John Adams Massachusetts Congregationalist; Unitarian

    Robert Treat Paine Massachusetts Congregationalist; Unitarian

    George Walton Georgia Episcopalian

    John Penn North Carolina Episcopalian

    George Ross Pennsylvania Episcopalian

    Thomas Heyward Jr. South Carolina Episcopalian

    Thomas Lynch Jr. South Carolina Episcopalian

    Arthur Middleton South Carolina Episcopalian

    Edward Rutledge South Carolina Episcopalian

    Francis Lightfoot Lee Virginia Episcopalian

    Richard Henry Lee Virginia Episcopalian

    George Read Delaware Episcopalian

    Caesar Rodney Delaware Episcopalian

    Samuel Chase Maryland Episcopalian

    William Paca Maryland Episcopalian

    Thomas Stone Maryland Episcopalian

    Elbridge Gerry Massachusetts Episcopalian

    Francis Hopkinson New Jersey Episcopalian

    Francis Lewis New York Episcopalian

    Lewis Morris New York Episcopalian

    William Hooper North Carolina Episcopalian

    Robert Morris Pennsylvania Episcopalian

    John Morton Pennsylvania Episcopalian

    Stephen Hopkins Rhode Island Episcopalian

    Carter Braxton Virginia Episcopalian

    Benjamin Harrison Virginia Episcopalian

    Thomas Nelson Jr. Virginia Episcopalian

    George Wythe Virginia Episcopalian

    Thomas Jefferson Virginia Deist

    Benjamin Franklin Pennsylvania Deist

    Button Gwinnett Georgia Episcopalian; Congregationalist

    James Wilson Pennsylvania Episcopalian; Presbyterian

    Joseph Hewes North Carolina Quaker, Episcopalian

    George Clymer Pennsylvania Quaker, Episcopalian

    Thomas McKean Delaware Presbyterian

    Matthew Thornton New Hampshire Presbyterian

    Abraham Clark New Jersey Presbyterian

    John Hart New Jersey Presbyterian

    Richard Stockton New Jersey Presbyterian

    John Witherspoon New Jersey Presbyterian

    William Floyd New York Presbyterian

    Philip Livingston New York Presbyterian

    James Smith Pennsylvania Presbyterian

    George Taylor Pennsylvania Presbyterian

    Benjamin Rush Pennsylvania Presbyterian

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  • 10 years ago

    Our Founding Fathers were more wise than many will ever understand.

    The "separation" of church and state prevents the Establishment of a National Religion. Therefore the state has no ability to force you to believe in THEIR official control powers. They can not dictate the state of your spiritual being or punish you for infringing on what THEY think your beliefs ought to be.

    Religion can be a POWERFUL tool in the hands of corrupt elitists. The American Constitution is all about granting freedom to responsible citizens and the prevention of tyranny. A state dictated religion would never allow that and tyrants would dominate.

    The majority of the citizens of the USA may be Christian, but even Jesus does not Dictate your life. Jesus presented the will of his Father and it is up to you to choose to obey. You are not forced by God to follow Him.

    Should a State assume power and authority greater than that of God?

    Our Founders were wise indeed. - Just try to imagine a powerful nation with an Inquisitor in every community.

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  • The United States is not a Christian Nation or a Secular Nation It is a Nation of laws made by "We the People" who may or may not be religious. It was founded by mostly Christian believers that did not want to be prosecuted for their own personal beliefs. They used the morality of their Christian principals of freedom to construct the Nation and it's Constitution.

    "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof..."

    This is not to separate religion from the people it is to keep the government from making any religion or non religion a establishment of the state. And shall not prohibit any free exercise of peoples religion or non religious beliefs.

    "Secularism" is a belief, that too, is not to be established by the state as its creed.

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  • cristy
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    3 years ago

    the place did you get the thought the founding fathers predicted every physique to be any specific faith. the full reason of separation of church and state is so the government can't dictate what faith every physique needs to maintain on with. So people are loose to coach regardless of faith they opt to, or none. it can be a greater useful international if every physique concept somebody replaced into looking over their shoulder at each and every thing they have been doing. yet that's not the job of any government on account that doesn't be freedom.

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  • Thalia
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    10 years ago

    It is just that, a separation of Church and State.

    America has numerous Christian Churches, not just one.

    In many countries like Spain and Italy in the past, the Catholic Church had exclusive power in government and banned other churches and persecuted their followers.

    America's constitution was designed to stop any one Church from dictating. It wasn't designed to remove Christianity from politics, just to prevent the interference of say the Catholic Church or one of the protestant denominations to the exclusion of all others.

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  • IceT
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    10 years ago

    Because they did not want there to be a state religion which would turn our country into a theocracy. It was a way to make sure there was freedom of religion which they felt was important and was one of many reasons they came to the new world.

    However our Constution, Bill of rights and most of our laws are based on Christian ideas and teachings.

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  • 10 years ago

    The Founding Fathers mostly embraced a religious philosophy that encouraged religion but disavowed any particular endorsement of any one religion. That is why a number of them were members of the Masonic Order, which generally forbade religious arguments. The Founding Fathers definitely endorsed God and were not athiestic. "In God We Trust" was a motto they used, but not specifying any particular denomination, or even particular religion. Today we have corrupted that original belief to mean we should not endorse God, and that was never the intent of the Founding Fathers. They, in their wise opinion, knew however that to endorse one particular religion would lead to less freedom.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Because unlike today's Christians our Founding Fathers had a clear understanding of precisely how evil Christianity could be if it had ready access to the powers of the State to enforce it's particular view of morality .

    Source(s): The Mormons that our loving Christian Nation forced into exile
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  • 10 years ago

    There is no clause in the constitution talking about separation of church and State. All it does is prevent the Government from backing one religion over any other and allowing freedom of religion.

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  • Andy
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    10 years ago

    They didn't, actually. I don't believe the United States is a Christian nation, but the Founders intended to prevent the state from taking over churches. Not the other way around. Not that either one is a good thing.

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