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Can your significant other make a decent cup of tea?

My hubs thinks hes being nice when he keeps making me tea but he just cant make it the way I make it myself lol


tea is tea, dopey dina

Update 2:

yanks drink tea too, dont be ridiculous

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    Dunno, I'm not gay, nor am I British, so I don't drink the crap. We had a big party a long time ago where we thew all your crappy tea in the sea.

    I drink coffee and beer.

  • C
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    I don't drink tea often, but my husband does, so the question is can I make a decent cup of tea? He says I do, but maybe he just doesn't want to point out my pathetic tea making skills because it might emotionally devastate me. *cries*

    Source(s): Needs coffee, my husband makes awesome coffee.
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    I guess if depends on what you mean by decent. I make coffee and practice make perfect because I really like it. Tea isn't the main beverage here like in Great Britain. So I don't relate to your question but only to Yanks preference. So if we drink tea more I would say yes to your question. That just isn't going to happen.......

  • Anonymous
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    I'm more a coffee person and honestly, I haven't touch the coffee maker for years. He's the one who knows the special recipe. If he brings me one cup of coffee, he knows exactly how I like it.

    I've never asked him to make me a tea, but I think he would do it correctly if I give him correct instructions. But he buys me new flavor of tea on a regular basis, though.

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  • puebla
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    individuals like our coffee considering's what we are used to it has more desirable over the years in there. at first it grow to be boiled then percolated, the eating places vacuumed brewed, now we are a minimum of drip and a lot of are grinding our very own beans and we've each and all the coffee shops alongside with Starbucks, so we are catching up with the Europeans

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    tea is foul, so I don't think anyone makes a decent cup of tea.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    For himself, yes. I drink coffee and he can never brew it right or make me a decent cup, even after I've given him explicit directions.

  • Anonymous
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    Tea is for wimps.

    unless tea is a secret code word for martini?

  • Pearl
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    No for a guy who loves teabagging he makes a lousy cuppa

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    No, considering that I live in America, and we don't drink tea like you Brits do

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    LMAO you have to show him how you like it and then this problem will be solve. YOu have to be open in your relationship and if he can't take it in, he has a problem. YOu love the fact that he's spoiling you, by showing him how you like it will be even better for him and you.

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