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Hydration Drinks for Long Distance Cycling?

I usually just drink water on long cycling rides, but hear that drink mixes are essential. Doing a 100 mile ride this weekend and would like to hear what you use and how you like it? when do you drink it, how often, etc.

I am looking at getting Cytomax?



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    I drink energy drinks on rides over fifty miles. I take GU gels with me. I prefer Good n Plenty pre-peeled and in a baggie in my jersey pocket. Fresh fruit- make mine banana, Many of my friends like to take M&M's and Trail Mix with them. Stop along the way as many times as needed for bringing on more water or food breaks.

    Eat a big Pasta meal tonight. In the A.M. oatmeal, fresh fruit, o.j. and coffee.

    Enjoy the ride! Should be a great day.


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    Hump What you drink is as important as how much you drink! If you are drinking water change over to a good sports drink .... an active sport drink and not one designed for recovery. A sport drink with a lot of salt / potassium. Make sure you are using a standard water bottle cage and bottle... not the pateo size. Secondly, get the 'tall' water bottles. They still fit in the cages, but carry enough more that two bottles are close to three. You can also carry a 3rd bottle in your jersey pocket. You do not need to drink more water than you sweat ... which on a very hot day should be no more than 1 bottle per hour. So between changing your drink. Using larger bottles, and carrying a 3rd (or more bottle) in your jersey pocket you should be good to go for well over 4 hours. Also, next time you go to the doctors, tell him of your hydration needs. He will probably do a test for diabetes and a few other conditions which have a 'drinking' component to them. Soccerref

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    Gatorade or an energy drink. Gatorade replaces your electrolytes. Water is good as well. I suggest a bit of gatorade at the start and then drink water in between then at the end drink gatorade to re freshen you. Too much gatorade is not good. To know you have had enough go with your thirst. If you feel not thirsty but want the taste of gatorade. Don't.

    Hope this helped.

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    I would recommend having a cliff bar and some hammer gels or something similar with you. As for drinks i would recommend having a bottle of water and a bottle of hammer heed with you. Hammer heed is both delicious and it works great. It does not taste syrupy like Gatorade, nor does it taste just plain awful like some drink mixes. I have only bonked once with hammer heed and that was during a 24 hour race.

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    I usually drink water and stop for an occasional sports drink. Load up on pasta or pizza the day before to get your glycogen supply topped off. I usually carry an apple and a banana ( eat one after the first hour ) and stop to get something to eat at the halfway point. I like to carry a big box of Good & Plenty with to much on as I ride. A few every several miles works for me. The only contain sugar and carbs and salt are easy to digest. You want to drink a shot of water every 15 min or so. Drink before you get thirsty and eat before you get hungary.

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    I switch between water and Gatorade during my rides, carrying two water bottles, one with water and one with Gatorade.

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