Will K.Patel and GGMU stop that with Fed?!?

First question..

What is ur probs? Fed looks like Berba?! NO WWWWAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY!!!!

He's soooooooooooooooooooo much cuter and sooooooooooooooo much talented than Berba!! And once when Fed joins Utd (hopefully replacing Berba) and Utd start winning the PL and CL competitions, don;t come after me telling me "U said so.."

GO FED!!!!

This is for all u ABFs:



FQ: Is Liverpool really broke?


Now, isn't that REALLY sweet?


KP: U are intimidating me!!! Berba better than Fed?! WTH!!! Fed atleast DELIVERS!! Berba lazes around!! Fed>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Berba--> FACT!!!! The aren't alike!! God knows from where u got THAT weird idea!!!

Update 2:

Florial: Thank u!! Thanks for backing me!! I know right?! He's soooooooo cute!!!! And OMG his style of play, his serve!!! I wish some people understood how very awesome he is!!!

And the pic!! I'll eat him now!!!!

LOVE U FED!!! Ur the BEST!!

Thanks Florial!!

Update 3:

Thank u dan!!! God knows what KP and GGMU find similar in them...

Update 4:

jooooooey: TY.. Thanks for visiting!!! There is a footie related artlicle that none of u read....

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