My WWE Friday night Smackdown.My 15th Smackdown.Is it good?

GM of Smackdown-Teddy Long

WWE Chairman-Vincent Kennedy McMahon



World Heavyweight champion-Kane

WWE Unified tag team champions-Chris Jericho and Edge

Intercontinental champion-Drew McIntyre

Womens champion-Mickie James

Promo 1-Teddy Long says tonights main event is CM Punk going 1 on 1 with,The Undertaker!

Promo 2-Edge and Chris Jericho are in the ring.Edge reminds Chris that we both beat former world champions in the past 2 weeks on RAW.Now we have to concentrate on the Motor City Machine Guns at Xtreme Rulez.Chris Jericho says yes,I understand that,and I also understand that at Xtreme Rulez we will show those Motor City Machine Guns why we made the ladder match what it is today.The Motor City Machine Guns music plays,but they dont come out.They attack Edge and Chris Jericho from behind.They give Edge and Chris Jericho the ASCS Rush.Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin get a ladder and set it up in the ring,and they take the WWE Unified tag team titles and climb up the ladder with them.

Match 1-Daphney and Traci Brooks(heels) vs Eve and Mickie James(faces)-winners Daphney and Traci Brooks

Match 2-William Regal accompanied by Ezekiel Jackson(heels) vs Scott Steiner(face)-winner Scott Steiner-William Regal and Ezekiel Jackson assault Scott.Booker T comes out with a chair and swings at Ezekiel and William and they flee.

Promo 3-Christy Hemme asks the Motor City Machine Guns why did they do what they just did?Alex Shelley says because we can,because we are better than Edge and Chris Jericho.Like me and my partner,Chris Sabin said before,we are the best tag team in WWE history, TNA history, WCW history, ECW history, or heck, even wrestling history.Chris Sabin says Jericho,Edge.What we did to you losers tonight is just a taste of what comes to you at Xtreme Rulez.

Promo 4-Teddy Long says at Xtreme Rulez, Drew McIntyre will defend his Intercontinental championship to Rey Mysterio in a Falls Count Anywhere match.

Match 3-R-Truth(face) vs Drew McIntyre(heel)-winner Drew McIntyre-Rey Mysterio comes out and gives Drew a 619 and then a frog splash.Rey holds up the Intercontinental title.

Promo 5-Abyss comes out.He says last week Undertaker chokeslammed me and our brother Kane.Then he tombstoned me.Why?Undertaker comes to the ring.He says I did that because I dont like seeing my 2 little brothers fighting, so I chokeslammed you both to give you some sense.Abyss grabs him by the throat.Undertaker outpowers and tombstones Abyss.Kane comes out and tries to chokeslam Undertaker, but Undertaker outpowers and gives Kane a tombstone.The S.E.S comes out for CM Punks match.

Match 4-CM Punk accompanied by Luke Gallows and Serena vs Undertaker-winner Undertaker

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago
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    Promo 2 and 3 were very entertaining.but i must say,promo 5 was AWESOME and totally unique.i liked match 3 the most,especially the ending by rey mysterio.











    i like your shows very are really on your way to be a WWE script writer.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Promo 1-10/10

    Promo 2-10/10

    Match 1-9/10

    Match 2-8/10

    Promo 3-10/10

    Promo 4-10/10

    Match 3-10/10

    Promo 5-10/10

    Match 4-20/10-This is the best match that you have had so far Tony.

    I want you to 1 day be a WWE writer.Im really enjoying My WWE.Its better than WWE,TNA,or any of the other E-Feds/fantasy shows up here.Yours is really the best!

  • promo 1. 10/10 nice hype to the main event

    promo 2. 10/10 looking forward to Jericho and Edge/MCMGS

    match 1. 10/10

    match 2. 10/10

    promo 3. 10/10

    promo 4. 10/10 good hype to Drew/Mysterio

    match 3. 10/10

    promo 5. im livng the Taker/Abyss/Kane storyline


    Source(s): Shawn Michaels is the greatest performer of all time
  • 10 years ago

    Promo 1-8/10

    Promo 2-9/10

    Match 1-10/10

    Match 2-8/10

    Promo 3-8/10

    Promo 4-9/10

    Match 3-8/10

    Promo 5-7/10

    Match 4-9/10

    Overall- 8/10

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  • 10 years ago

    Promo 1: 9/10

    Promo 2: 9/10

    Match 1: 7/10

    Match 2: 10/10

    Promo 3: 8/10

    Promo 4: 8/10

    Match 3: 7/10

    Match 4:10/10

    Promo 5: 09/09;_ylt=Aj3st...

  • 10 years ago

    Promo 1-10/10

    Promo 2-10/10

    Match 1-8/10

    Match 2-8/10

    Promo 3-10/10

    Promo 4-10/10

    Match 3-10/10

    Promo 5-10/10

    Match 4-10/10

    Great show man,8/10

  • 10 years ago

    Great show

    match 1: 10/10

    match 2: 10/10

    match 3: 10/10

    match 4: 10/10

    Good promos

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Great show man,I want Rey Mysterio as Intercontinental champion and Undertaker as World Heavyweight champion,so make it happen!

  • 10 years ago

    eve loses? FAIL! you're making rey look like a heel.main event is good

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Great show tony!

    I cant wait for "My WWE Extreme Rules"

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