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simple literature help?

can you find any metaphors, alliteration, personification, onomatopoeia or similes?

She kept an antique shop - or it kept her.

Among Apostle spoons and Bristol glass,

The faded silks, the heavy furniture,

She watched her own reflection in the brass

Salvers and silver bowls, as if to prove

Polish was all, there was no need of love.

And I remember how I once refused

To go out with her, since I was afraid.

It was perhaps a wish not to be used

Like antique objects. Though she never said

That she was hurt, I still could feel the guilt

Of that refusal, guessing how she felt.

Later, too frail to keep a shop, she put

All her best things in one narrow room.

The place smelt old, of things too long kept shut,

The smell of absences where shadows come

That can't be polished. There was nothing then

To give her own reflection back again.

And when she died I felt no grief at all,

Only the guilt of what I once refused.

I walked into her room among the tall

Sideboards and cupboards - things she never used

But needed; and no finger marks were there,

Only the new dust falling through the air

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  • 1 decade ago
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    She kept an antique shop - or it kept her. (Personification)

    It was perhaps a wish not to be used Like antique objects. (Simile)


    Among Apostle

    brass salvers and silver bowls

    prove polish

    smell of absences where shadows

    Hope that helps!

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