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How do you obtain pedigree cat papers?

From what I know, if your cat didn't come with papers, you can't get any for them or descendants.

Is there a way to prove that your cat is pure bred if it didn't come with papers? Can you still show or breed them?

I don't plan to do any of this with my kitties. I was trying to find out what breed of cat they might be and came across a few things that made me wonder how breeders get started, if not with proven pedigree cats.

I found that my kitties look like Dragon Li :D


If you'll kindly re-read the question, I did state that I have NO interest in breeding and that my cats LOOK LIKE Dragon Li.

They have the eye shape and the proper markings and colors. They're both very intelligent, curious, bold and friendly.

I got them in HI last year, for free, from a neighbor. The kittens mother was also a gift, so I have no idea where they came from.

I think I'll post another question with pictures in a little bit if you'd like to look for it. :)

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    It's not easy to get papers from a legit registry if the cat's parents don't have them. (There are some so-called registries that will sell you a paper saying your cat is a certain breed just because you tell them you think it is! or in another case, if you send in money and 3 pictures. But such papers are not from organizations that hold live shows and examine the cats conformation to a standard. and they are not transferable into the legit registries. I'm sure crooked or ignorant breeders get such papers and use them to get uninformed buyers to think they are getting a "purebred" cat.

    So - is there a way to get LEGIT papers if your cat did not come with them? In USA the big ones are CFA and TICA (both really international); then there are AFCA ( more western US), CFF (a very old registry, mostly in Northeastern US).

    There are some exceptions to cats having to have registered parents. - - in some of the "natural breeds" that developed on their own in particular regions, cats who look like that and come from that region of origin can still be allowed into breeding programs and their descendants become registered.

    And I'll just give an example : The International Cat Association (TICA) has a process by which a cat can be recognized as looking like a breed and very likely being that breed - - it is basically a judgement call that the cat may be a valuable genetic contribution to the breed. it does not exactly prove the cat is "purebred" but it does allow the cat to be accepted into the registration books.. Basically you have to get 3 TICA Allbreed judges to sign off on it. They are putting their reputation on the line so they don't do it lightly. For an example of how this has been used, there's a breeder from the U.S. who imported some Wichien Maat cats from breeders in Thailand. The Wichien Maat, which has been in Thailand for centuries, is the cat that was first brought to the West in the 19th century and called by Westerners "Siamese" after the name of the country at that time. There is no established registry in Thailand that these cats were registered with, so the U.S. breeder who imported the cats could not simply do a transfer from one association to the other. She had to take the cats before 3 TICA judges who examined them, So the judges could see that they had the short single coat, the pointed color pattern, the wedge shaped muzzle and somewhat long, elegant body (though not a whole wedge shaped HEAD and extremely elongated body like the show Siamese in the West developed into via selectiive breeding)

    But they didn't just look at the cats, she also had to show where the cats came from. so in addition to examining the cats they also had proof that the cats came from the country of the Siamese breed's origin, where they developed as a "natural breed" centuries ago and the same place the ancestors of today's Siamese came from.

    So.... IF

    1. your cats looked like Dragon Li / Li Hua Mao , down to the details distinguishing that breed (because there's a lot of non-breed tabby cats that look quite a bit like them) , But see Powerpoint presentation for a proposed standard from a Chinese Cat Club to the CFA - the description of the cats with photos starts several slides into the presentation

    2. AND you could prove that you had imported them from China ,

    THEN maybe you would have some luck getting them registered as that breed.

    In a Western country, it's extremely unlikely for any cats not from a breeder of Dragon Li and not from China to be that kind of cat, since it is very rare in other countries .

    In fact only a tiny percentage of cats are from any particular breed. Controlled cat breeding is for the most part a modern thing and it's never been nearly such numbers as dog breeding.

    So your cats are probably some very striking, sturdy brown tabbies.

    But did you know you CAN still show them even without them having papers? Most cat show associations have "Household Pet" classes where they can compete. In TICA they have their own titles with all the same levels as the pedigreed kitties, and they keep track of regional and international standings for the Household Pets too. They have to be at least 4 months old and cats over 8 months have to be spayed or neutered. And in CFA they can't be declawed. Check out the organizations websites if you are interested

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    TICA recently changed the rules so that if two (or it may be three) judges feel a cat VERY closely fits the standard for a particular breed then it can be registered and shown as that breed. But unless your cat has REALLY obvious traits - ie, it's hard to fake the look of a Persian - then the judges would never acdept it and odds are your cat ISN'T any breed. And with over 97% of the cats on this entire no planet that further increasing the odds they aren't anything.

    This doesn't mean you can't show them, though. TICA, CFA and ACFA all have a Household Pet class for obvious purebreds without papers, cats of no particular breed and pedigreed cats that don't fit their breed standard

    If your cat looks like the Dragon Li then it's most likely a domestic shorthair with Brown Mackerel Tabby markings - nothing more. The Dragon Li is also NOT an accepted breed in any registry - only Experimental in ACFA. Also how would you just stumble across a breed that only occurs in China?????

    I can understand wanting to show but why would you want to breed? Breeding should only be done by reputable breeders doing so with show quality animals and doing so for the RIGHT reasons - to better the breed and for the love of the breed. They also sell kittens spayed/neutered. MILLIONS of cats and kittens are put to death at shelters every year because there's just not enough homes for them. Why would you want to add to that number?

    Source(s): I have three former shelter cats that compete in TICA's HHP class and I'm a member of TICA's Household Pet Breed Committee.
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    I am sorry but there is no way to get pedigree papers for a cat that didn't come from a breeder. They have papers on their cats and have to register the litter and then they give yout the papers to register the cat when the contract has been full filled.

    How a good breeder gets their start is by showing in the Premiership Class at shows. The first talk to the breeders and learn all they can about the breed. The learn how to groom for a show what the judges are looking for in that breed. Showing in Premiership for a while till the mentor feels that you are ready to get your first breeding cat. You have to talk and make a lot of friends in that circle of breeders. Your first breeding cat can cost you up to $2000 for a female depending on the breed and the lines it is out of. male could cost more or the stud service could cost up to $2000. You will have to show the cat in the Championship class up to Champion and most likely to being a Grand Champion. This cost money, but you don't want to breed a cat of sub-standard, either. And that is where you start, dishing out money for shows and health testing and check up.

    There is no way to start without proven pedigree cats, I am sorry. That may have bee foundation lines at one time but most of the outcross breeding is closed and you still would have to have a pedigree cat to do that with.

    Now you can show you cat in House Hold pet class and that is alot of fun and you can win rosettes and prizes. You just have to have a healthy cat, not declawed and spayed/neutered and given a show bath and pay your entry fee.

    R P CAT

    Source(s): Maine Coon Breeder over 11 yrs Showing Maine Coons over 14 yrs Maine Coon Breed Council CFA~TIAC registered catteries Have a show this weekend.
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    People who start breeding programs will always do so with cats with papers. Unless each generation of the cat's lineage has papers and is registered, then you can't prove that your cat is a pedigree, and it will not be regarded as one - even if you know for a fact that it is. That piece of paper and registration means EVERYTHING.

    For people who start a new breed of cat, the process is long. They need to keep breeding cats that are true to type - that is, ALL of the young come out showing the same characteristics of the breed with no variations or "throwbacks". It takes many generations before the breeder can even start the process of having their new breed registered, which again is a long process with a lot of red tape involved!

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    If the breeder isn't too far away from your home you could always grab a friend and go on over to demand the papers in person. People have a harder time saying no to someone in person, especially when they're in the wrong.

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