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一 個7kg的物體內有16kg的雜果。雜果的最初溫度是25度C。現把2.5kg的冰加入雜果中,冰和雜果的混合物的最後溫度是多少?假設冰完全熔解。





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  • 1 decade ago
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    Let the final temperature be T

    Energy used to raise temperature of ice from -20 to 0 + latent heat of fushion + energy used to raise melted ice from 0 to T = Energy lost of container + energy lost of fruit

    2.5x [ 0-(-20)]x 2050 + 2.5x 3.34x 10^5+ 2.5x 4200 (T-0) = 7 (840) (25-T) + 16 (4100) (25-T)

    937500+ 10500T = 1787000-71400T


    Therefore temperature of final soluton is 10.37 degree celsius

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