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急!!!簡易保固書 英文翻譯




購買日期: 年 月 日








工作電壓:DC12V 汽車電瓶電源。

工作電流:靜態25mA 動態:110mA (警報啟動)

負離子量:≒200萬pcs / 平方公分 15cm距離懸空測試

輸出電壓:-2.0 ~ -2.8KV DC



USB輸出:DC5V / ≒1A Max

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    Limited Warranty Statement



    Date of Purchase: (MM/DD/YYYY)

    Place of Purchase:

    1. This Limited Warranty shall last for twelve (12) months from the date of original purchase and cover the repair for the defect resulting from the use under normal and customary manner.

    2. The company (貴公司名稱) will charge, at its sole discretion, the expense of component replacement and repairing and transportation when the defection resulting from abnormal use, force majeure and abuse.

    3. This Limited Warranty is only valid and enforceable with the official stamp by the authorized dealer or distributor.

    Operating Voltage: DC12V (from Automobile Battery).

    Operating Current: Static 25mA; Dynamic: 110mA (Alarm Triggered)

    Anion Volume: ≒ 2M pcs / 15 cm 2 distance & suspension test

    Output Voltage: -2.0 ~-2.8KV DC

    Rated Power: 0.2W

    Input Current: 40mA

    USB Output: DC 5V/ ≒ 1 A Max

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    我翻的是:Book】 【Product Warranty

    Product Name:

    Model Number:

    Purchase date: Day Month Year

    Where to Buy:

    (A) The product from the date of purchase, under normal operational use next year, if have problems and will provide

    For free repair.

    (B) as a result of human, natural disasters or other non-normal operation use the damage caused by the failure, according to damage

    Case small additional parts, materials, wages, transportation costs.

    (C) The warranty book must be stamped by the Company authorized the sale of shops chapter shall take effect.

    】 【Electrical parameters

    Working voltage: DC12V car battery power.

    Operating Current: 25mA static dynamic: 110mA (Alarm started)

    Anion volume: ≒ 200 万 pcs / cm ^ 15cm test distance vacant

    Output voltage: -2.0 ~-2.8KV DC

    Rated Power: ≦ 0.2W

    Input Current: ≦ 40mA

    USB Output: DC5V / ≒ 1A Max


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