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01 你是我嚮往的那片天空,不管我多努力,距離還是無法拉近。

02 我想陪你哭、陪你笑、陪你度過每一個最需要我的時刻。

03 我不奢求什麼,奢求的只是你能在我身邊。

04 我會一直都在,只要你不讓離開。

05 你在我心中一直都很特別。

06 我沒有想過沒有你的日子裡,我會變得有多麼狼狽?

07 當你選擇逃避時,只有眼淚不吝嗇的陪伴我。

08 不想看到你臉上的憔悴,卻也什麼都不能說。

09 我只是想要和你分享生命中每一個精彩的時刻。

10 從來不會輕易掉淚的我,卻只因為你,一點也沒有疑慮的落下。

11 如果你害怕孤獨,我會一直在這裡。

12 知道沒有資格多問你,在你眼裡我並不特別。

13 只有淚水在我無助最需要你的時刻陪伴著我。

14 我從來不後悔自己愛上過你。

15 我不想要這成為我們之間的芥蒂。

16 在你離開以後,笑容也從我臉上逃亡了。

17 我不容許我的人生,缺少了你的出席。

18 我會等你,一直等你,不論結果如何。

19 我只會為你提供擁抱。

20 我不輕易的對人付出溫柔,只有你有資格。

21 不放手的人才有真正的資格說放手。

22 是你讓我對我的生命感到榮幸。

23 思念太沉重,是因為我對你的愛夠多。

24 在我眼中,你是獨一無二,最特別的。

25 沒有誰能夠阻止我愛你。

26 就讓我們一起走下去,直到盡頭。


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    01 You are my yearning 01 the blue sky, no matter how I tried, distance or not.

    02 I would like to accompany you 02 cry, accompany you to laugh, to accompany you through every moment of need.

    03 I don't expect anything, luxury is near you.

    04 I would have been, as long as you don't have to leave.

    05 you in my heart always special.

    06 I didn't want to live without you, I will become how pathetic?

    07 when you choose to avoid, only tears with sits down with me.

    08 does not want to see your face haggard, but said nothing.

    09 I just want to share with you a wonderful life.

    10 never easy tears of I, but only because of you, there is no doubt in the fall.

    11 If you fear alone, I'll always be there.

    12 know is not eligible to ask you, in your eyes, I do not particularly.

    13 tears in myself the most need your time with me.

    14 I never regretted loved you.

    15 I don't want this to be a breath of between us.

    16 you, smile or face a runaway from me.

    17 I will not allow me to life, in the absence of your present.

    18 I will wait for you, always waiting for you, regardless of the outcome.

    19 I will give you a hug.

    20 I don't easily on one tender, only you are qualified.

    21 does not let go of talent really qualified to say that letting go.

    22 and it's you I am proud of my life.

    23 Miss too heavy, because I love you more than enough.

    24 in my eyes is unique, most special.

    25 no one can stop me loving you.

    26 it let us until the end.

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