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Relocating to Richmond, VA from West Coast?

A friend of mine and myself are thinking of relocating to the Richmond area this fall. We are both 23 and are curious about the area.

Here are my questions:

What are some good, safe areas for young women to reside?

Also, what areas are good for going out, restaurants, etc?

How is the job market and what industries are there?

What is an average salary for new college grads (with experience)?

Any other tidbits or attractions of Richmond?

Any tips for moving across the country?

Any help you can give is appreciated.

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    So what brings you to Richmond from the west coast?

    First off, housing. Henrico county, west of the Richmond city limits and along the I-62 corridor, is referred to as the Short Pump area. There are a lot of apartments there that are pretty nice, and the area is pretty much upscale middle class. Thus everything in that area tends to be a bit pricey. But, plenty of malls and restaurants et al. "The Fan" in Richmond is the "hip" place to live. The Fan encompasses the area between Belvedere on the east, and Thompson Street on the west. North border is Broad Street, south border is Cary Street. Lots of independent restaurants, clubs, and eclectic stores. Now, I have not lived in an apartment for years. But, some friends lived in Creeks Edge apartments. (Relocated there for 6 months after a fire.) This is located in the City of Richmond, just beside Stoney Point Mall. Gated, and very nice!

    You want to go out? The shopping center at Cox and Broad has several nice restaurants and they tend to have a few live bands. I only tend to go to Captial Ale and Curry House there, but there is a lot more. Innsbrook is not too far away, which does concerts and stuff. Yeah, this is all in the "Short Pump" area I recommend that you look for an apartment within. Again, lots of clubs and bars, you just have to find your own.

    In Richmond, there is Carytown. Located on Cary Street between Taylor and Boulevard, this area has lots of eclectic stores, restaurants, clubs, and even the Byrd Theater; a 1920's art deco theater that has been refurbished and shows second run movies and hosts special events.

    Head further east on Cary to Shockoe Slip. (The area of Cary at about 12th street.) I love the Tobacco Company, but there is so much more. Cross 14th Street and go over a block to Main Street and you have Shockoe Bottom, which has a ton of clubs and bars. This is the heart of the nightlife in Richmond.

    Jobs? Yes, we have them. What do you want to do, what is your degree in, etc.? You have asked such an open question. Richmond is the capital of Virginia, thus there are a lot of State and Federal jobs here. I know that Capital One is headquartered here and is a big employer. There are jobs here, and Virginia was not hit as hard due to the fact that it is non-union and fiscally conservative.

    Richmond was the capitol of the Confederacy. That being said, the local jurisdictions do not do much to promote the history even though it could be a big money maker. For all intents and purposes, it is not very politically correct. The majority of the American Civil War history events are put on by private groups or by the Richmond National Battlefield Park Service. (And the RNBPS one's tend to be pretty small.) For the most part, most people have no real clue about history and can not recognize the First, Second, or Third National Flag of the Confederacy. What they can recognize is the "Southern Cross," which was derived from the Confederate Battle Flag. When I worked in the historic park system, we referred to it as a "Redneck Beach Blanket." When visiting sites on private property, you could get an idea if the person understood heritage or not. On that note, you really don't see too many Confederate flags around here.

    One nice thing about Richmond is travel. DC, the mountains, and the beach are all within a two hour drive. Williamsburg and Charlottesville are within an hour. A lot of people travel between NYC and Atlanta, and Richmond is in the middle so you get a lot of people from both NYC and Atlanta who move to Richmond. Basically, people who move here tell me that Richmond is neither NYC nor Atlanta, but it's a better place to raise a family.

    If you are relocating here, see if you can get some job leads before you come. Prior to the recession, you could generally just walk into a job. Now, jobs are harder to come by, but people are still hiring. Try to visit before you come here.

    I've lived here for a long time. I "know" a lot of stuff about living here, but I can't always find the thing to tell you that I know that you should know. This is most obvious with my wife, when she is trying to get something or find something for the niece and nephew to do and and she spends hours or days looking up stuff and will come up with "I found something" which I will counter with "but this is better." (Guys, if you are reading this, don't do this to your wife. Even if she never told you what she is trying to plan, don't give her a better solution. DON'T!) Also, everyone who comes here says "X is better in DC" or "Y is better in NY." But, they came to Richmond and they are staying, so there is something about this place that people like. (It happened to my wife!) I don't plan to move any time soon.

    I hope that this helps.

    Good luck!

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    Relocating to Richmond, VA from West Coast?

    A friend of mine and myself are thinking of relocating to the Richmond area this fall. We are both 23 and are curious about the area.

    Here are my questions:

    What are some good, safe areas for young women to reside?

    Also, what areas are good for going out, restaurants, etc?

    How is the job...

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    I have lived in California I now live in Colorado but I was born and raised in Richmond. The east coast is a lot different then the west coast. I'm not sure you would like it. Saying that you should give it a try. It has a very old south vibe too it. Honestly having lived all over the country now I will say I miss how hot most of the girls in Virginia are.

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