critique my essay on anorexia?

The first occurrence of the eating disorder anorexia nervosa or anorexia as it is commonly called was first seen in 1694; however it wasn’t actually recognized as a real disease until about the 1870’s where at this juncture people would actually become diagnosed. Dunglison's medical dictionary defined the disease as a “lose of appetite” in 1865. In 1868 an English physician William Gall was the first to lay claim to the name anorexia and it was his idea that a persons family directly contributed to someone’s eating disorder. Dr Gull claimed the cause of the disease was undetermined and that most women developed anorexia at any age from sixteen to twenty three. In years past most people associated starvation with theological practices or folklore but Gull’s text “Anorexia Hysterica” created more fascination with the psychological aspects of the disease.

Anorexia is commonly referred to as an eating disorder but in actuality it is also a psychological disorder. Those who have the disease usually start out by dieting but this lose of weight becomes a virtual obsession. The anticipated weight loss gives the person in general, a feeling of mastery or control over their body. On a psychological level those with the disease value the feeling of control over physical weight loss. Anorexia mainly derives from a self imagine problem. Although one may associate lack of eating with anorexia, those with the disease will also exercise fervently, take some sort of diet pills or weight loss enhancers, and receive numerous enemas to try to flush out excess water in order to loss weight. Anorexia usually starts to become evident during adolescents but, younger children and adults also may develop the disease. More often than not Caucasians tend to become anorexic more so than other races and lower class families are less likely to become anorexic. Anorexia affects almost every organ in the body detrimentally as a person starves themselves. As a result of not eating a person’s heart rate and blood pressure tend to decrease significantly, which may ultimately lead to hypertension. In addition starvation and anorexia also affects the liver. As a person beings to starve more and more enzyme levels in the liver start to change negatively, in some cases even resulting in liver failure. Those who are anorexic generally have lower red and white blood cells causing not only anemia but a weakened immune system. Not only does anorexia cause internal complications, but it also causes noticeable physical signs like flaky skin, breakdown of nails, and tooth loss. Some physiological and behavior symptoms of anorexia include depression, irritability, and attention deficits. A majority of individuals with anorexia tend to develop extreme fixation with food and eating. They may hide food within their pockets, eating inordinately slow, and even eat minuscule portions of food at a dawdling rate.

At this current juncture there is no unambiguous cause for anorexia but as time progresses psychologists are beginning to develop more ground breaking theories. One suggested theory is genetics. Currently psychologists believe that person’s genetics will be a determinant of an individual’s propensity of developing eating disorders. Some believe that a certain chromosome 1p may hold the clue in determining if a person will have anorexia. Others within the scientific field contribute poor feeding habits as well as under eating as signs of a potential case of anorexia. In addition people who strive to be thin and attractive as well perfectionist usually are more likely to be anorexic. Popular culture and the media may also be the case. The young girls developing mind is easily deceieved and many adolescent girls tend to emulate what they see on television. It is no question that most movie stars, singers, and celebrities are abnormally thin. Young girls look up to these women as role models and to seek to be like them. This may lead to a self image problem and a desire to lose weight in order to look similar to those on TV.

One noteworthy study on anorexia nervosa is being done by Neuroendocrine Clinical Center. They are attempting to prove the correlation between anorexia and osteoporosis. They concluded that almost half of woman with anorexia usually experience some form of osteoporosis. They also determined that some of them had bones similar to that of elderly women. Due to lack of calcium, under nutrition and over production of glucocorticoids (stress hormones), are reasons behind bone loss and are all contributed to anorexia. One experiment in particular is giving young girls and women with anorexia low doses of the female hormone estrogen to see if that will slow down the breakdown of bones. Another notable experiment done by the Neuroendocrine Clinical Center that includes males and females, attempts to discover the causes and signs of bone loss in people with anorexia. The physicians will tes

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    Wow, lots of great information there!

    The only thing that really strikes me is that your essay focuses on the anorexic's need for control (which is correct), but you only touch on the control aspect with regards to weight issues.

    An anorexic's need for control can also extend FAR beyond anything to do with weight. In my case, it was a way to control (or numb out) painful emotions. There's a strong correlation between anorexia/eating disorders and sexual or physical abuse. By starving yourself, you can actually become numb and devoid of emotion.... and therefore you don't have to feel the pain.

    All in all, your points are very good. Hope they mark you well on this :)

    Take care!

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    5 years ago

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    critique my essay on anorexia?

    The first occurrence of the eating disorder anorexia nervosa or anorexia as it is commonly called was first seen in 1694; however it wasn’t actually recognized as a real disease until about the 1870’s where at this juncture people would actually become diagnosed. Dunglison's medical dictionary...

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  • Carol
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    4 years ago

    Wow I love how detailed you are! Very good, a few tweeks here and there and it will be like it just came out of a news report :-D

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