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Renting Question! (Help)?

this is my first apartment and i have been here for almost a year. i have two months left on the lease but i need to break it!!!

..basically,i hate where i stay. i am paying extra for a LIE,have been since i moved here.


i wnt to terminate the lease but im not sure if i can get around any other apts accepting me in their community. how do i talk to them or what do i do?

next thing is,currently i am late on paying the rent because of a situation with my car,i have never been late before and have NO complaints against me and have been living here with the bullshit around me but they wont wave the $100 late fee,so i have to look for another place.

its either pay the rent and the late fee,but by the time i do that they will already have evictions processed :(

so what do i do...??

please dont say talk to them because they are asshole and they dont want to hear it,so how do i talk to the new apt people?

they wont take arrangements or anything,they want to just flat out put it on my credit....

which right now seems like all i can do.

please..i need help here!!!

thx guys!

btw..the new place i plan on moving to will have a special going on so i dont have to put out as much $$ that i will have to at my current apt...but crap,im about to be evicted anyway because i dont have ALL the money

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    1 decade ago
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    You will have to pay the rent at your current place one way or another. You've been there dealing with this lie for 10 months. Wait it out for 2 more. Unless your lease says they can evict before you're 90 days late, you are 2 months short of your lease, BUT have 5 months of rent left to pay.

    If you got yourself into a bind because your car needed repair, it is not your landlord's problem. The way this is put, it looks like you just expect them to accept that you had an unexpected repair and you want them to overlook you not paying the rent. Companies don't do that. Companies also don't really care about anything but their money. If you want someone who will cut you a little slack, try renting from individuals. They usually are more understanding...the laws have also been changed so that individuals cannot run your credit; only companies can. I'm not saying you should go rent from an individual in an effort to screw them over. However, if something were to happen again, they would be more likely to work with you. My husband did construction before that went pot, and we always had a hard time making the rent in the winter. However, we rented from individuals. Most of them had done similar work before becoming a landlord, so they could understand him not getting enough hours, and they'd work with us on payment.

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    1 decade ago

    You signed a contract to stay for the term of the lease. It's actually a lot of work to evict someone. You could stay there without paying anything until the landlord shows up with the sheriff. Then you can pay him all you owe and he has to ket you stay. If you want to move he can make you live up to the terms of the lease. If you bail,make sure you get the other place before the eviction goes on your credit. My advice would be to man up and pay your bills and honor your lease.

    Source(s): Former landlord who gave it up because of tenants like you.
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  • 1 decade ago

    You have posted the same question in numerous places ... and pretty much, everyone is telling you the same thing. You know what to do. Live up to your obligations.

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