A Rare Serious Poll From Me: What do you think about people owning Pit Bulls?

The thought for this poll came from a story about a 9 year old Kokomo, Indiana girl who died today after being mauled by a Pit Bull last Saturday.

I actually had the link to the above referenced story pasted here, but reconsidered. What's the point in the specifics of this particular tragedy involving a Pit Bull? We've all heard them before.

At any rate, how do you feel about the ownership of Pit Bulls?

B.Q. > As background for your particular answer, would you consider yourself an "Animal Lover"?

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    1 decade ago
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    Wow - Abby, what a question. I hope I don't go on too long about this.......by the way, I am an animal lover, but not to the point where I've turned vegetarian, joined PETA, and have animals as my only friends instead of people. That being said, I feel that pit bulls, like several breeds before them (namely Dobermans, German Shepherds, etc.) have gotten a bad rap. And here's how I know:

    I owned a pit bull, Maxwell, from the time he was 5 weeks old until he died of kidney failure at the age of 9. You could not ask for a better dog than Max - he was playful, loyal, friendly, and kind to other animals. It's all in how you raise them up, just like children - if you raise a kid using hateful words, starve him, beat him, treat him badly & such, you end up with an aggressive, anti-social misanthrope of a human. Period. Same way with dogs - if you don't teach & prod them into over-the-top aggressiveness & attack behavior, then they don't become a "guard dog". Sure - they are loyal enuff to to their pack (aka family) to protect you & they will! They do tend to be a little high strung, but remember: they are a TERRIER inside a bigger-than-normal body. That's why they have shorter lifespans than most dogs their size. Honestly? I've seen more aggressive Yorkies & West Highlands than my Max.

    That dog I had let a blind, toothless toy poodle, and later a Brussels Griffon boss him around. The dog I raised didn't kill my friend's Amazon parrot when we forgot to close the cage & Petey decided he wanted to play with Max's toys. The pit bull I had let an orphan kitten adopt him as a "mother", not even complaining when Sammy tried to nurse. Now Max DID hog the bed, had horrible gas @ times & had more "human" ailments than a canine should have (post nasal drip, food allergies, IBS), but he was a fine dog. He only ever bit one person that I know of & that was Tony - who wasn't really welcome in our house, aggresively tried to pet Max & smelled bad to boot.

    So - those are my thoughts on pit bulls - I love them & would have another one in a heartbeat if I had my own place. I miss Max most every day. I truly believe that any dog of ANY breed can be a kind, loving companion if they are raised in the right manner. There are NO "bad seeds" in dog breeds, in my opinion. Hope I wasn't too long-winded, there. But I had to write it all - thanks for listening.

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    I adore animals and dogs in particular. However, I don't care for pit bulls at all. I believe they should be phased out. I know it's harsh but let me explain...

    Pit bulls are a cross breed meant to be fierce and deadly. They were developed to have that strong draw with the locking mechanism. That coupled with the baiting history of the breed which does carry over in animal dna, they're too dangerous.

    Yes there are "nice" pit bulls out there, but they are literally ticking time bombs. The slightest thing can set them off and once they are set off it's going to go VERY bad.

    They are an unpredictable breed too, so something that has happened several times before, could happen again with savage results.

    As a note Doberman Pinchers were preceived similarly back a few decades ago. However the difference it the fact that Pit Bulls have that jaw that is DEADLY. Plus Dobies do not have a century or more of abusive training and breeding for fighting.

    Source(s): Many years working with animals including training and rescuing dogs.
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    Yes, I'm an animal lover, Pitbulls get a bad rep because of the idiots who raised them to be fighting dogs, and if those dogs were bread, the aggressiveness can carry in the blood line, which is why these guys end up being euthanized and are not suitable for homes. If a family does decide on getting a pitbull, they should check into the backround, and make sure they come from somewhere reputable, and usually people who don't check into these kinds of things end up with accidents, by no means is it the animals fault, it's the sick ways of the human race that made them that way to begin with, So the people who have the compassion to care for one of these animals, I think is a great thing, Pits are good dogs, but just have a bad rap.

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    What's wrong with Pit Bulls? My uncle has one and that dog is a big baby! He wouldn't hurt a fly! Actually, every Pit I've met is an over-sized lap dog. It all depends on how the dog is raised. I think it's perfectly fine for people to own Pit Bulls.

    Source(s): Animal Lover :D
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    It is naive to say that there are no bad dogs. There are some frighteningly BAD dogs. To understand the genetics of dogs explains that it is quite easy to breed aggressive, ill-tempered, violent individuals; however, no dog is responsible for itself. We are responsible for all dogs.

    When I first started working in the pet business, I'll never forget this guy that came into the store where I worked, and wanted to know where he could get steroids for his pit bull, as he felt the dog didn't grow big enough. Yanno, in this business, you think you've heard it all... until the next time. And you wonder, how we as a society are failing as a society who lets just anybody "own" animals.

    I think there should be mandatory laws that require you to spay and neuter... strict laws with heavy fines for violations. I think there people should be permitted and regulated by some authority in order to breed animals, and that their stock only be of healthiest (in mind and body) animals. This goes for all breeds, so that people don't get stuck paying out thousands of dollars to fix Chihuahua knees, and German shepherd hips. And of course, dogs would be bred for a well-grounded temperament. Another upside to this: it makes it harder to breed dogs for fighting purposes. What does the rampant occurrence of dog fighting (and c*cks) say about us as a society that we don't put a complete end to this cruel "sport?" What does it say about us, who are their guardians and they our best friends?

    I think pit bulls are great dogs, but I also love dogs that are a bit of challenge. And pit bulls are just that. I don't think just anyone should own such a dog, because their goofy and loving nature can be fooling. Too many times at dog parks, did I or someone else have to get somebody else's pit bull to unlock its jaws on another dog. If you can't do that, you shouldn't have one. Period. And I'm very mixed, because I have a tiny five-pound dog that could be killed in an instant by someone who can't control their own dog.

    So, I feel there needs to be a rethinking of the way in which we humans keep animals.

    1) Keeping animals should be a privilege, not a right.

    2) Breeding should be left up to qualified, regulated breeders.

    3) Animals should no longer be "owned," and should be granted some sort of inherent rights.

    I thank anyone who took the time to read the ramblings of not just an animal lover, but animal rights advocate.


    Source(s): "The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated." --Ghandi
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    1 decade ago

    I don't have a problem with people owning them. I have a problem with the people who train them to be vicious.

    Doing some research I found that Dobermans in the 1970's were treated in the same manner in the media as pit bulls are today.

    Again, the fault lies with the owner and what they teach their dogs.

    (Yes, I know there can be some dogs that are just vicious naturally - but that can happen with any dog breed.)

    Source(s): "The State Department has warned against travel to the tribal regions of Pakistan. There goes my summer vacation."
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    1 decade ago

    I keep seeing and hearing these stories and they are all quite sad. But, the strange thing is all the 20 some odd pit bulls I've met have all been as sweet and timid as can be. I could be wrong, but, it seems to me that difference lies in the treatment and handling they receive from their owners. As I said, these mauling and death cases are sad shouldn't occur, but, how much blame really lies with the dog?

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    1 decade ago

    I find it fine, except that the majority of individuals keeping Pit Bulls will not train them properly, if they do train them only train them for defense...etc. Unfortunately people will not change. Recently a family moved in on the street next to mine and they have two of the dogs. I have seen these dogs get loose at least 3 times, I have called animal control and nothing has been done. There has to be some type of law passed to limit who can have these animals. You need a permit for a gun, you should have to have a permit for a dog that has the ability to kill.

  • We have a pet dog that is 1/2-pit bull. And,he's a really nice dog.

    I believe it's all about how the owner raises them up.

    BQ: Yes,I love animals. I'm not really a dog person. I'm more of a cat person.

    Source(s): KM
  • Mera
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    1 decade ago

    You can't control the owners and how they raise the dogs. But dogs get loose and kids, seniors, even healthy adults have been mauled and worse. Perhaps not having them in a residential neighborhood or strictly enforce neutering to reduce possible aggressiveness or a 1-strike rule for any show of aggressive behavior and then it's out of the neighborhood.

    Definitely an animal lover. I even feel bad about killing centipedes, but if there's a chance it will be a threat to my kid, it's gone.

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