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ok so today my best friend finally got her phone back and she said she cant text anymore. so i got so sad!! i know thats weird i got sad but it is SO fun to text her. and everyday i text her are relationship gets better and better. and now that we are on summer vacation im only gonna be able to talk to her when we hangout. and i dont want to ask her to hang out like every other day!! so i dont know what im gonna do. and she cant talk on the phone either. (her mom is kinda b****y)


my other friend that i text alot cant text anymore either!! so i only have like one or two ppl that i can text everyday ( im weird. hah i text certain ppl everyday cuz there funner to text then my other friends) and some of my friends kinda annoy me. except for the two i was just talkin about. and another one. :( and she can only text between certain times!!!!!! D: grrrr. so what do you uys think i should do. and be nice people :)


oh wow ppl are nice nowa days. it was also the last day of middle school and i had to say bye to half my friends cuz theyre not going to the same school as me. and she cant talk on the phone either!! and were both not allowed to have facebooks (its gay!)

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    ik that when u put friendship stuff up most people put a bunch of super mean crap but I am soooo not going 2 do that. If this were me I would tell my friend to screw her mom, which I know sounds really mean, and I am usually the only person who is ever willing to do anything that will get me into trouble so I guess unless your friend is a rebel. can your second friend talk on the phone? even if she can, it probably won't make anything much better since friend #1 is obviously the primary buddy. If your first friend can email, next time u see her tell her to get a yahoo mail account. (idk if she would do it bhind he moms back) on yahoo mail u can txt people from the computer if you put their nember in their contact info. Or if her mom will let her or if she is willing 2 disobey her mom she can go to and make a website. you can message through webs or your friend can put up a chat box on her site or u can do it. idk if any of this will help but i totally feel ure pain and am soooooooooo srry. the point is there r a lot of contact options. i think u can even chat on wii now. also, she can get a webcam......good luck

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    lol, You think your life sucks because you can't text your friend? At least you have a friend! Try having my life:

    I have no friends, a loner in high school

    No one understands me or even wants to understand me

    I live in the middle of the desert, and its 110 degrees outside today and the Air conditioning broke last week

    I'm hot, bored and lonely. That is what its like when life sucks lol. Good luck though!

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    You're life isn't even close to "sucking" right now.

    Goodness, you need to go to starving Africa for a week, and then you'll know the true meaning of "MY LIFE SUCKS RIGHT NOW!"

    anyways, make some new friends that you love to text.

    go on facebook.

    stop texting and read a book.


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    same deal with mee

    it sucks, but like just text whenever you can (:

    and if shes your bestfriend then you should hang out everyday ;D

    me and my bestfriend doo<3

    and its always fun cause were BESTfriendws and enver get bored hanging out and junk

    and like whenever you dont hang out with her

    use it as an oppurtunity to hang with other friends and go meet even MORE people at like the mall and stuff. you might get a cute guys number and text him all the time ;)

    story of my life last summer, hope it helps<3 :D

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    wow. your life is SOOOO BAD. but go on facebook? idk you could just use the chat on there with them or CALL them what a novel idea. texting isnt the only way to talk to people.

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    text me!

  • come on now grow up.. stop b*tchin, get off your friend n*ts and live your life..!

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    text me :)

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