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Is American Publication Inc a real work at home job?

Hi i recently was laid off and I have decided to look for something I can do at home. The site does not promise huge amounts of money but just money that would help out. Has anyone heard of American Publication Inc. Now I heard there are many sites that are posing as the company. this company is based in Connecticut. I found out about the job in a mom magazine (Parents). The site is Please respond if you are working for them or have in the past.

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    Here is a real at home job... I am a ChaCha guide. I have two kids and go to school. You make your own hours and work as much as you would like when you like. I have been doing it around three months now and I average about 600 a month. Go to and click become a guide. You can start working within two days of siging up. You do not have to pay anything all you do is sign up watch some videos on how to do it pass your test and you can start immediately! If you do decide to do it make sure to put me on your referral Feel free to email me if you have any questions about it. This is not a joke or scam no paying for anything! Definitely give it a try. If you have any more questions you can ask me on my facebook!/profile.php?id=51145430... or email.

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    Get Paid Taking Surveys -

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    american diversified publications real scam

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