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Since defense spending accounts for 23% of our government's federal budget...?

Wouldn't be prudent to start trimming the "fat" from the Pentagon's over-bloated payroll expenses and start tackling the military complex's insatiable appetite for wasteful spending?

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    I say we should;

    and before those Neo Cons get on my case, we spend more on defense; than all of our Allies and Advisaries combined.

    Even if we were to cut in half, we'd still outspend the runnerups behind us. So don't worry; we'll still have our Empire; because thats what it is. Yeah yeah, tanks, submarines; how is that any use against terrorists? Ask yourself.

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    I bet you have never worked in the military-industrial complex. I bet you saw this news article and became concerned without really understanding the intricate issues in defense spending. Depending upon how you count the numbers, I bet your 23% is often quoted by other Washington sources at about 9%. While I do not doubt there is waste that can be mitigated in the defense arena, I think your analysis is superficial and naive.

    Perhaps a better place to stop waste is medicare and medicaid. I might also suggest the Dept. of the Interior and how about education.

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    I think the last year total US debt is exceeded 69 trillion US dollars in which 40% were spent to sustain the war.;_ylt=A0oGdGC0qAhMch...

    It was estimated the cost of the Iraq war was $ 10 billion US per day. Can Uncle Sam really afford it? It is said that those monies are spent on all GI bills, weapon supplies, weapon development, military bases world wide, military pension for veterans and, particularly the conflict of interest for those military contractors to rip off the American tax dollars of US $200 dollars for a screw and US $ 700 dollars for a toilet seat.

    I think Uncle Sam has spent too much money to sustain the war, financial bail out, and home buyers. For the sake of rescue Uncle Sam already fallen into the bottom of the valley, Barack Obama must do the followings.

    1) Stop the wars. Withdraw the stationed troops in Iraq and Afghanistan gradually and reduce 70% troops and send them home. Down size those stationed in non war zones vacationing with their GI checks by at least 60-80% lessen in the next ten years.

    2) Destroy the global stock markets gradually and definitely leading to the Dow Jones index below 4,000 shortly and to be followed by the Hong Kong Heng Sang index below 8000. The future stock index will fluctuate within +/- 1% for at least ten consecutive years to stablize the valotized economy and avoid the wars happened and happened again and again.

    3) Basically speaking, US, China and the Hong Kong counterpart must bust the financial and housing bubbles in the future.

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    i could initiate with the small stuff. -Direct deposit exams; save on stamps and envelopes. -sell or demolish empty govt. homes they do no longer use anymore. they are paying interior of sight taxes on those, paying somebody to maintain them heated, wiped sparkling and repaired (even nevertheless they are no longer in use and could be torn down and adjusted in the event that they are ever needed). -Declassify some govt. records and eliminate previous regulations. no one cares what nutrition replaced into eaten on some dinner Kennedy had. Burning mules on significant highway at midday would not want this is very own regulation anymore; there are quite some different regulations presently on the books that ought to come into result if that replaced into finished now. a majority of those regulations and labeled records would desire to be revealed out each 365 days and the two be sent to libraries around the rustic or stored secret someplace. -pay attention to the protection tension Generals; in the event that they do no longer want yet another a hundred of this form of plane or that form of deliver, do no longer build them! quite some kit geared up is purely to make enterprise specifically senator districts. i assume the perfect ingredient could be to permit the line merchandise veto for the prez.

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    Yes. Pulling out right now is the right answer. I'm sure all the people in the military would understand the lack of funds. Being a member of the armed forces, I'd be ok walking around without level IV body armor; Since all the terrorists fire .308 rounds and the body armor we wear is only rated for 9mm, why even wear it? Screw supporting the people that don't pay taxes and have 9 kids with no job, taking money from the people that are dying for your freedom is a WAY better idea.

    btw, goto the desert and see how "Awesome" we are living. 6 people to a single-wide bathroom. just a porta-potty.

    You disgust me.

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    Defense spending accounts for 4% of GDP.

    What we need to cut is entitlements, they account for 40% of the GDP and is expected to hit 80% within a few years.

    Progressivism created entitlements in order to undercut and profit from them, and because of that even the valid entitlements are going into the red by trillions of dollars.

    Our economy is falling apart because of corrupt mismanagement, nothing more.

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    You link to an OPINION piece to support your question?


    By the way, I do agree with you. But what are you going to do about entitlement spending, which consumes a hell of a lot more than Defense? (And Defense is actually something the Federal Government is SUPPOSED to do!!!!!)

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    The welfare state is a lot bigger finanicial problem than the military industrial complex.

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    No defense is the only security we can count on in America. Jobs and housing or even investments are never certain.

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