Metalheads:patching a jacket/vest?

For those of you familiar with creating "battlejackets",i want to create one i've bough patches and everything but i'm confused if i should get a jacket or a vest?

Another question,i know people who overpatch their jackets and it just looks sloppy and looks like someone's trying too hard.How many patches is too much?


Trolls,go away serious answers only please.

Update 2:

For you maybe :),but to me i don't dig the look where their is patches overlapping each other or you don't actually see uncovered denim. is an example of what i don't like

Update 3:

I am 22 have been listening to metal since i was 15 currently taking telecom in university.I am definitely going to do the bleaching i looked at some images and it looks pretty cool.

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  • 10 years ago
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    I like punk but i used to be a metalhead and ive been patching since i was 8.

    If you wanna be creative.

    Get a BLACK denim jacket. Make it a cut off. Stencil a simple band sign WITH BLEACH on the back (i recommend Municipal Waste's) then patch and stud the front of the jacket. No one ever uses black denim.

    EDIT* you can't have enough patches. >.>


    2ND EDIT* to be fair, he has patched that really well, but you don't need to do that, it's up to you how many patches are too many. Id definately bleach it though, i have that guys Municipal patch (top left) on my skinnies lol. What age are you?

    Sweet, i'm 16 haha. I don't listen to much metal anymore but it's better than some music out there.

    Source(s): Currently sporting black skinny jeans with 27 patches, over 40 safety pins, a bleached in Squatta's Rights sign and a homemade belt made of cable and curtain hoops.
  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Hey, Bon Scott had patches ON the patches on his old blue jeans. You can't have too many. A little paint doesn't hurt either if you want to stencil something on.

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