My husband refuses to believe he has cancer?

My husband was diagnosed with B-cell chronic lymphocytic leukemia two months ago. He handled the news relatively well at first, but now I'm convinced he's losing his mind. He outright refuses to even consider any treatment options and seems entirely convinced that there is no cancer at all.

He's cooked up a crazy conspiracy theory that his cancer diagnosis was an elaborate hoax perpetrated by his ex-wife and her new husband involving forged test results and actors posing as doctors. I tried to reason with him but he's completely absorbed in his insane fantasy world. I don't think he's even slept in four days. Has anybody else experienced this?

Please help. I'm beginning to lose control of the situation.

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    At first I thought it was denial, one of the stages of grief that protects us from having to mentally handle too much too soon. But after reading all the details in your post, I think it may be the cancer effecting his brain. Definitely talk to his doctor about this. Maybe you can call the nurse hot line on your insurance card right away (many health plans have this 24/7 hot line). If he has never been paranoid before it could have a physical cause.

    Hang in there. I'm sorry you are both going through this tough time.

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    I think denial is a stage. Next would be depression. Finally acceptance...but that may come with anger and depression as well.

    Want some real good advice? Contact your local Hospice people. You couldn't have anyone better to lean on and maybe even they can bring him to grips with his situation.

    For me to say "good luck" or "my sympathies" is foolish. There is a long, tough road ahead...make no mistake about it and this will require some terrific strength on your part. God be with you on this and call those Hospice people as soon as possible.

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    Few things are more powerful than the mind's ability to deny reality. Sounds like your husband needs some psychological counselling. As Ouragon suggested, his oncologist may be able to recommend someone, as I'm sure he or she has seen this before. Best of luck to both of you.

  • A lot of people who get cancer go through denial. That's very common. He needs some therapy and maybe he needs to go to another doctor or two.

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    He is in denial Marvey !!

    You need to speak to his doctor is this curable ?

    Some people go into shock when they hear the word cancer

    Be patient find out all you can about this

    Then start to help him help himself

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    You have already truly lost control, as you never really had it in the first place. I mean that to say that the obstacles you are facing are beyond the scope of what most of us are equipped to deal with.

    You need to commit your husband, on the grounds that he is a risk of harm to himself.

    Don't wait...cancer is time sensitive.

    You both need help, and NOW. Call his doctors.

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    No, this sounds like he may be mentally ill, he needs to see a doctor right away. Go with him and tell the doctor what he tells you and if he refuses to go to the doctor, call the doctor and tell him what's going on and ask him to help you.

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    Take him to the hospital, pull the doc to the said and maybe, just maybe they'll admit him to a Psych Ward and administer treatment. Sorry.

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    Call his doctor. Let him/ her know you husband is in denial. Hopefully they can come up with an answer for you. Good luck.

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    Have you called the oncologist for help? A friend with a brain tumor went completely nuts. It was part of the cancer.

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