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Do you beleive that weed is a gateway drug?

A lot of people say that weed is a gateway drug, but I have friends that have NEVER gone past weed. I've been smoking weed since I was 15. I've been doing it about 20 years. And I have done shrooms also. What are your opinions?

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    A: The gateway drug theory is actually caused by Prohibition. You see... Everyone who smokes pot for the first time realizes that it is a very mild drug, when you're high you can think clearer than ever, you feel relaxed and the next day you don't experience hangover... BUT believe me when i say this... The strongest feeling of them all is this: The feeling of being betrayed by authority (Parents, teachers, cops and the gov). When young people think "I've been lied to by my parents about weed, maybe they're lying about other drugs too" they are more likely to say yes when offered hard drugs.

    B: Here's the other thing... When illegal the only way to get marijuana is through people who might have some shady intentions, we are forcing youngsters to head into possible dangerous places by keeping weed illegal... Dealers usually tend to use this trick... When they get new customers they act really nice, they might even sell it cheaper and thereby over time befriending them... around 50% of WEED dealers sell other drugs too. So when a "trust" bond has been created they might offer their customers other things (And because of what i wrote in "A" they are more likely to try new stuff)

    You see, all created by prohibition... there's nothing IN marijauana that has anything to do with the gateway theory

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    everybody shut the fuc* up and listen to my answer as its all about the truth and not just some ignorant fuc*face talking shi* about weed

    there is absolutely no way weed is a gateway drug, weed is weed, that is all.

    the difference between stoners and druggies is right here, a stoner will try another drug and be like oh well that was fun but weed is all i need and then never do it again

    druggies will try a hard drug and get addicted because they never have smoked weed before so they use a hard drug as a replacement for weed

    Source(s): doesnt have to make sense thats just how it works
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    you know,

    i think those claims are inherently flawed, the studies stop at "weed" because that is what they are inherently looking at.

    if you were to take any of those alleged test subjects, or people polled, i would be more than likely to bet that they had a cigarette, or alcohol PRIOR to smoking weed, and before that i'm sure they had a soft drink-

    so why don't we just trim the fat here and get to the REAL gateway drug.

    its fairly obvious that soda or candy or maybe even "oxygen" is a "gateway drug".


    i also wonder how many of those polled were theists?

    perhaps belief in god is the real gateway drug- if all the subjects were theists, that would certainly support that explanation.

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    Sorry for going off the topic, but I find it really absurd how people associate marijuana with the life of a junkie and no success in life... All this is bullshit, weed does not lead to harder drugs if you are smart enough to know your limits. It is really ironic how all of you say that weed destroys lives and so on, but what about alcohol? It's legal and it destroys the lives of millions every year! Alcohol is one of the most addictive drugs with the most painful withdrawals which can even lead to death after a heavy abuse. Marijuana at least isn't addictive... And every day we read about the death of a person because of alcohol; millions die every year because of the use of it, but do you ever read about the death of somebody who used weed? And what about cigarettes? Same as alcohol, LEGAL and associated with the death of so many every year.

    I think people should be less ignorant about drugs like alcohol and tobacco that cause so much harm because of their availability to the population and be less judgmental about things they've never experienced or have researched.

    Back to the topic. Yes, I think marijuana is a gateway drug. It opens new doors for the people who experiment with it. In a spiritual way, it helps to the ones that understand its effects to discover new truths about themselves. I find weed helps people to appreciate many things that surround them and helps them find a connection with the nature. People that know the effects of it should know that sounds and perceptions change. It is all for a reason.

    But I have to add that I don't accept the abuse of marijuana where it becomes a habit for the smokers. I find that it looses its effect and its users can become unmotivated and lazy.

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    yes it is. Because no matter what, you'll get interested in what other drugs can do to the mind and body. Doesn't necessarily means weed users will always try different drugs, but they will definitely know more about other drugs. Some of us are able to stay with weed or even stop weed, but many also go into more effective and more dangerous drugs.

    Source(s): I occasionally blaze, but have never and will not try anything else
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    Not necessarily.

    When I was in high school & college, I used some. But, now that I am older, I do not use any intoxicants. I don't even drink. Ever. That's just my personal choice. So, I don't think it is necessarily a gateway drug. But, I do think that for some people who are prone to addiction or drug abuse, any intoxicant can act as a "gateway drug."

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    It's only a gateway drug because it's illegal, and the people you buy marijuana from often have other drugs they want to sell as well.

    If you could walk into 7-11, show your ID, and buy an ounce of marijuana, it wouldn't be a gateway drug at all, except perhaps for those who are further interested in psychotropics.

    It certainly wouldn't be a gateway drug to anything harmful or addictive.

  • I think that people who do hard drugs often smoke weed as well. But I do not think that because they smoked weed that they do hard drugs. But one argument can be made that by labeling weed as a illegal substance, if someone can mentally accept doing something labeled "illegal", it would make it easier for them to break similar boundaries in regards to other illegal substances. So if weed is in fact a gateway drug, it would be because it is labeled as an illegal substance and somewhat taboo in most cultures.

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    My thoughts were always that it led to harder drugs simply because it's illegal and obtaining it puts a person in touch with drug dealers that sell more than weed, thereby giving the dealer an opportunity to "push" something more expensive and addictive.

    I suppose my opinion is that perhaps possession for private use should be decriminalized, perhaps with only the penalty of a civil fine.

    I think it's harmful to society to incarcerate pot smokers with career criminals, all we are doing is exposing nonviolent offenders to a life of crime.

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    It is a gateway drug, but it wouldn't be if you could buy it in stores. When you buy weed from dealers you find where to get hard drugs.

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