Andy/Nikki Sixx related?

Are Andy Sixx(Black Veil Brides) and Nikki SIxx(Sixx AM) related in any way? I cant find their real names anywhere so I have no idea and to me they kind of look the same... ANyone with some info please share (:

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    No. Andy Six's real name is Andrew Dennis Biersack and Nikki Sixx's real name is Frank Ferrana.

    Andy's "stage" name is just Andy Six because he always listened to and liked Nikki Sixx when he was younger so Six just got caught onto his name and people started calling him Andy Six.

    Also Andy's dad is named Chris Biersack.

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    Nikki Sixx's real name is Frank Ferrana, and Andy Sixx's name is Andrew Biersack. I don't know who Andy Sixx is, but Nikki Sixx and he and definitely not related.

    Source(s): for Andy Sixx's name, and I'm a big Motley Crue fan
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    Andy sixx real name is Andrew Dennis Biersack.

    Nikki sixx real name is Frank Carlton Ferrana

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  • nope there not related (:

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